‘VULVA Mature’ Vaginal Scent for you own Pleasure 2ml

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‘VULVA Mature’ Limited Edition,  Intense Erotic scent of a vagina as an aphrodisiac for your own smelling pleasure (2ml). Company ‘Vivaeros’. Made in Germany.

  • Type – For MEN or Women, Single and Couples
  • Scent – Scented
  • Base – Organic compounds

Attention: Aroma Fero sells original and latest ‘VULVA Original’ scent. Be aware of buying substitutes on eBay or Amazon. VULVA creator comment:

Europe made pheromones

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VULVA Mature is the erotic and natural overall smell from the intimate zone of a real „MILF“ – a mature, dominant Lady. It embodies the intimate scent of femininity in its all-embracing beauty. An exciting scent-pheromone-mixture with a focus on the VULVA – consisting of:

intense scent of a vagina
light, intimate body odor
subtle, indecent perfume note


An intimate female essence as an aphrodisiac for a new generation, captured in a classy phial. As close to real sex as with hardly any other sex toy. Easy to use: briefly shake the vial, then simply and discreetly apply a tiny amount of the organic substance to the back of the hand. The longer the exposure time, the better the irresistible vaginal aroma of a „Mature“ unfolds and brings every olfactory gourmet into sexual desires and the first row of his own personal head cinema. Smell and enjoy a new, more exciting kind of solo sex. Can be ideally combined with masturbators and sex dolls. A risk-free alternative to an affair. At a single daily use, VULVA Mature will last for several months.

Scent enthusiasts from over 100 countries have been enjoying its eroticizing effect since 2004. The erotic effect of VULVA Mature enhances your sexual desire and your sense of well-being. It’s a worldwide and unique erotic scent that is infused
with real organic substances that exudes the intimate femininity and sweet vaginal aroma of a desirable woman. The hormones released during an orgasm, such as endorphins, bring people real happiness and make you feel relaxed, harmonious and peaceful. You can enjoy your very own personal and secret erotic scent, whenever and wherever you want. The discreet appearance allows you to enjoy its pleasurable aroma unnoticed at any time. Your little erotic secret in a glass vial–
VULVA Mature, a fragrant affair, without the danger of being discovered. VULVA Mature– Your loyal playmate, who lets you savor her most intimate spot whenever you want. Probably the most extraordinary and exclusive sex toy around for people looking for that special kick who are open to a new, and secret lover called “VULVA Mature”.

  • Crystal glass phial: Crystal glass phial, screw cap, stick-applicator, height incl. cap 50mm, weight 4.5g
  • 2 ml VULVA Mature organic vaginal aroma essence, ingredients (IFRA-compliant)
  • Overpack: slipcase with hinged-lid box, dimensions: width 56mm, depth90 mm, height 15mm, weight 21.5g
  • incl. packaging insert (please read) and protective cellophane seal wrapping
  • Shelf-life: at least 12 months from first opening
  • Concentrated, long-lasting vaginal aroma for rich and pleasurable enjoyment
  • In addition to the secret organic ingredients, VULVA Mature contains: Vaginal aroma, Fragrance, Dipropylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Paraffinum Liquidum, Ascophyllum, Nodosum Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, Propylparaben All ingre-dients of VULVA Mature comply with the strict international INCI and IFRA guidelines and are approved by state authorities.


Shake the crystal glass phial intensely and open the dispensing tap. With the stick-applicator, YOU ONLY NEED A VERY SMALL DAB of this precious organic substance, when applying to the back of the hand. DO NOT APPLY LARGE AMOUNTS OR RUB INTO THE SKIN, which will only ruin the original vaginal scent of VULVA Mature. IMPORTANT: When using VULVA Mature – the longer it absorbs, the BETTER the vaginal smell gets. BEFORE USE, PLEASE COMPLETELY DRY THE SURFACE YOU ARE APPLYING IT TO. Leave on for 10 to 30 minutes after application to achieve its true aromatic magnificence. Keep in mind, that VULVA
Mature is a very intense, concentrated fragrance. Please use very sparingly! Just a very small amount is enough for a long-lasting smelling pleasure. When used daily, the 2ml VULVA Mature phial should still last for several months.

Did you apply too much VULVA Mature and/or savor it too quickly…? This 2 ml of  precious essence has been created as a strong concentrate to give you as many erotic “dates” with VULVA Mature as possible. Please only apply the smallest amounts – less is more. Take time for VULVA Mature – just like you would enjoy a fine glass of red wine next to an open fire! The essence is very concentrated, and, as the saying goes, less is often more! The genuine vaginal aroma unfolds after 10 minutes. Specially crafted additives, which ultimately allow this intimate odour to be captured lastingly, may influence the aroma – but don’t forget, your personal glass phial contains real organic substances!

Feel like having fun with VULVA Mature right NOW? Put yourself into an erotic mood – feel the urge for a “date” with VULVA Mature, perhaps accompanied by an erotic video for undisturbed solo sexual pleasure. The intimate odour does not come from  a substance that causes an erection, either chemically or automatically – it only works in combination with your imagination!

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