Love Potion Magickal

Love God Pheromone Love Potion

Aroma Fero sells popular pheromone products like Love God Spray and Love God Pheromone oil. This formula was created by a snoopyace, a pheromone enthusiat and Pherotrtuh forum member. These formulsa are offered as unscented pheromone version, or scented “KingMaker”.

About Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie

Established in 1986 in Venice, California, and online since 1995, we are one of the oldest artisan perfume houses on the web and our customer base spans the globe. We specialize in hand crafted, clean, fresh, cruelty-free, micro-brewed fragrances created with the magical, mystical properties of the ingredients in mind. The meanings, properties and purposes are derived from folklore, cultures and religions the world over and throughout time. Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie are the pheromone with a hing of Magic.

Aroma Fero