Apex Pheromones

APEX primary goal is to provide unique premium pheromone colognes backed with a strong commitment to quality and consistency. They personally use the pheromones they sell and their formula ingredients are lab certified for purity and potency.

Apex offers artisan products that contain synthetic human pheromones in precise proportions. Each Apex product strives for a customized sociological effect. Each product formulation is hand made in small batches to ensure the very best in precision measuring and quality control.

Their Pheromone formulas are M3X, Core Pheromones, TKO, GRAV, Dionysos, Orbital, Imprint, CV3. Apex Pheromone reviews are very good. Its products have good reputation among Pherotruth Pheromone Enthusiasts.

Each formula is vigorously tested in public venues by skilled pheromone users and calibrated for maximum efficiency. Apex CEO wears what his company sells.

They have university educated scientists and chemists available in the formulation and creation of our products.

Education, experience, dedication to quality, and a special understanding of pheromones are the hallmarks of our service.

Ever wonder why people at concerts raise their arms in excitement? Why do people lift their arms high on roller coasters and concerts?

When humans are excited they excrete certain hormone metabolites into their sweat. Armpits are an outlet of that sweat and evaporate these pheromones into the air. This message is detected by others and next thing you know it’s hands in the air. Mother nature has a crafty way of getting the party started.

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