‘Imprint’ Pheromone for men 10ml


‘Imprint’ Pheromone for Men (10ml). Company ‘Apex Pheromones’. Made in USA

  • Type – For Men to attract Women
  • Fragrance – Unscented/Scented
  • Base – Alcohol
  • Application type – Spray



1-2 sprays
Best suited for date nights
Good for Rapport
Wear around females
4-6+ Hours

Ever come across a scent that reminded you of something from your past? The way a particular smell instantly transports you back to the time and place you remember it from?

Scent memory is an understudied field that has the possibility of being stronger than sight memory. Our Imprint product uses similar pathways to increase the way situations are processed and the bonding emotions that follow.

Love is in the air. You have used Core to increase your social proof and woo countless mistresses from coast to coast. Now you have that special date with someone you would like to build something with. If you seek a bit of enhanced bonding and comfort from a female then Imprint is perfect. Women remember most how you make them feel.

The tech behind Imprint is the synergistic relationship of Androstanone and Androstadienone.

Androstanone is a molecule that has a unique ability to be both social and sexual. Much of this effect depends on molecule pairings and app dose. It also has the ability to create an imprinting type of effect that seem to scribe impressions deeper when used at certain dosages. It has the ability to exert effect solo but we have noticed that it really brings out the social positives when mixed properly with androstadienone. That social relationship is what created the idea for the product. The sexual nature of androstanone becomes a bit more pronounced in Dionysos, but for Imprint we are focused on the cerebral/social aspects with air of mystery and eroticism.

Androstadienone has been well studied and lab proven to increase female mood and comfort when subjected to this molecule. This is another suspected imprinting molecule and has a charming, calming effect on females. Increases the social aspects of Andostanone.

Measures have been enacted to reduce any unwanted androstadienone side effects such as lethargy, as reported by some phero enthusiasts, me included.

Beta Androstenol is also added into the formula for depth. This has shown enhanced bonding characteristics as well as opening up deep imprinting conversations. Especially when paired with androstadienone.

Beta Santalol is an active ingredient in sandalwood oil. It is not classified as a classic pheromone and is a Sesquiterpene. It is speculated that this is the aphrodisiac component in sandalwood so that is why I tested it out and put it in there. This is what you smell wearing the product and is a key element in the imprinting potential. This ingredient also allows for some steering of the aforementioned sexual of androstanone to become a bit more pronounced.

These are some, but not all, of the ingredients in Imprint. However, all are carefully designed to work tandem with each other in the formula to produce an effect. Diffusion aura of the product is purposely formulated to cloud closer and more intimate to the body as compared to Core (which has a much larger diffusion radius.)

The best use of Imprint is to fully incorporate your date’s senses into the moment and get her smiling. Dont worry so much about smells but pay extra special attention to sight, sound, taste, and touch. Be creative and fun in providing unique and fresh memories for her and all her senses. Women remember how you make them feel.

Imprint has an intoxicating light tonka bean and sandalwood aroma that dries down smooth and mixes well with other scent packages.

Best results average 6-8 hours and reduce slowly for a few after. The product does not come in any other scent as that would seriously defeat the purpose of imprinting a scent memory.

Recommended Dosage is 1 to 3 sprays maximum in 24 hours. Apply to either the back of the neck, wrists, or back of the shirt. This formula is strong and can imprint the wearer as well. This is a bonding product and bonding is not often one sided.

Advanced Use:  It mixes well with Core giving an increased relationship and imprinting vibe. It adjusts the attention generating wild type Core aura to be a bit more serious, stable, and structured. This combination is advantageous when courting one particular female you will be in close contact with.

Imprint is ideal for a coffee, dinner dates, and hanging out with that someone special in your life.

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