‘Intimate Mist’ with bewitching scent 15ml

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‘Intimate Mist’ with bewitching scent (15ml). Company ‘YESforLOV’. Made in France.

Pheromones made in france

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A very private perfume, in tune with your body… (So you can give yourself up with true abandon).

An irresistibly hot and sensual fragrance specially designed for your intimate moments. To make the tiniest, secret patch of skin a desired titbit. Exactly where your partner hopes for it most or expects it the least.

15ml / 0,5fl.oz
Made in France


YESforLOV Intimate mist has been tested by gynaecologists.

Suitable for all skin types even the most delicate.

Cosmetovigilance: No undesirable effects have been reported to date.


An intimate perfume
Because just at the right moment, it’s better to be sure and always feel ready. Or slowly, irresistibly, taking your time to take your partner on an agonizingly sensual olfactory journey.

An aphrodisiac perfume
One of the secrets of this body fragrance lies in the warm scent of the frangipani flower. Kissable and sensual, this subtle note gives your partner the desire to taste you. Elegant and sophisticated, this perfume naturally highlights the beauty of your skin in even its most secret places, while never conflicting with your regular perfume.

Superior presentation
White and gold packaging and quality materials encasing a glass atomizer naturally at home in your handbag.


In a naughty hiding place, only we know where… or just after a shower like a love potion to match your most guilty desires. (Will you accept the challenge?)


In accordance with a gynaecologist test leaded by IDEA Tests Group on the INTIMATE MIST with bewitching scent:

#100% of women have appreciated the INTIMATE MIST with bewitching scent
#100% of women would probably buy it or use it until the end
#100% of women wholeheartedly agree to claim that the INTIMATE MIST with bewitching scent:

1 – Provides an immediate feeling of freshness, comfort and wellness to all skin types.
2 – Reduces or masks unpleasant body odours, and offers a natural deodorant effect all day long.
3 – Does not cause skin irritation, scratching or damages on the mucuous membrane.

No clinical signs or functional signs of discomfort have been observed.

Clinical evaluation of 11 women between 25 and 68 years old with all type of external mucous after 21 days of application.

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