‘Tittilating’ Sheet Fragrance 20ml

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‘Tittilating Sheet Fragrance’ unisex fragrance for Intimate atmosphere 20ml. Company ‘YESforLOV’ . Made in France.

Pheromones made in france

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An irresistible fragrance of love precedes you. Your bed trembles in anticipation… as if you are already in it. (It won’t just be memorable for your sheets).

Designed as a unique preliminary to your lovemaking, an aphrodisiac fragrance perfumes your sheets, pillows, lingerie… Furiously exciting, it readies your bodies and sends your senses into a spin.

20ml / 0,6fl.oz
Fabriqué en France


The titillating sheet fragrance has been dermatologically tested.


For those that indulge in the delight of anticipation, when everything is ready, when all that remains is to slip into the oncoming pleasure, YESforLOV has designed a unique preliminary, an arousing preparation, a love potion for your most guilty desires.

Because night after night, your pillows are infused with so many dreams and fantasies. Because your bed is a theatre to be enjoyed, a table to be adorned. Where the sheets are both a white table cloth and the night’s curtains. Where love enjoys a banquet of joy, a shared dizziness, an unforgettable show… YESforLOV has created the titillating sheet fragrance.

An aroma of celebration, fragrance of desire. Furiously exciting. Subtly heady. Readying your bodies and sending your senses into a spin. Marking the playground without boundaries.


A highly-concentrated perfume
Just one to two sprays is enough to perfume your bed or bedroom. Its formula has been designed not to stain even the most fragile of bedlinen.

A long-lasting scent
Our sheet mist lasts with the heat of your bodies and its fragrance of desire is released with your caresses.

An aphrodisiac fragrance
This subtle titillating fragrance is pleasing to both men and women. Its warm, spicy and rich notes will immerse you in pure sensuality.

Superior presentation
White and gold packaging and quality materials create a single modern, upscale identity equally at home in your bathroom or on your night stand.


Splash onto your lingerie to enchant and kindle the encounter, until it sets alight. Mark your bed, sheets and pillows with this warm, spicy and irresistibly sensual scent. Let it wait for you… When the time is right, plunge into its fragrance of pure sensuality and follow its trail like wild lovers.

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