Aphrodisiac massage candle with Bewitching scent 120g

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‘Bewitching’ aphrodisiac massage candle (120g). Company ‘YESforLOV’. Made in France.

Pheromones made in france

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Play with fire. Caress forbidden fortifications with this rich oil and take your body by siege. (You’ll both surrender.)

A living flame. A candle to enchant and excite. A plant base enriched with natural oils known for their regenerating and softening properties. The YESforLOV massage candle has been designed to perfume your room then, as it melts, transform into a warm, rich body oil, perfect for a sensual massage.

And for even greater thrills, we’ve added our enchanting fragrance of white tea, Bali flowers and thanaka wood.

120g / 4,25 oz
Made in France


The massage candle with bewitching scent has been dermatologically tested.

Suitable for all skin types: Normal, oily, dry, or with unusual tendencies.

Cosmetovigilance: No undesirable effects have been reported to date.


My desire will light
the fire of love
on your skin.
Your hands tend me
like precious embers
and I will give myself to you.


Top notes: White tea, vanilla, thanaka wood, frangipani flower.


A unique texture which won’t stain the sheets
The massage candle leaves a delicate, non-greasy layer on your skin. No need for a shower break, our massage wax has been formulated for the most demanding requirements and the most delicate textiles.

Daily care
Also suitable for use as a body oil, the massage candle has been formulated from natural waxes with soothing, softening properties for silky, smooth skin.

A suitable temperature for massage
The massage candle has been designed not to burn, but to be warm, melting at 22° (the perfect temperature for relaxing caresses or an invigorating massage).

A high-quality wick
Properly sized, pre-waxed to help with lighting and strong, the high-quality wick means our scented candle offers a balanced and complete burn. The wick gives off little smoke and no sooty deposits. This candle also creates a pure light and an intimate and romantic atmosphere.

Wax scented with an aphrodisiac
One of the secrets of this fragrance lies in the warm scent of the frangipani flower. The sweet, floral notes will please most people, of all sexes and ages.

A protective lid
So you can easily and safely extinguish your candle, perfectly retaining the fragrance and protecting it against dust.

A black ceramic case
Elegant on your night stand. Who knows, you may even be able to see your reflection.

A pouring spout
To avoid spillages and for easy application.

A YESforLOV ribbon
Wear it yourself or give it to your partner as a token of how much your fingertips love their skin.


In a cocooning, intimate, relaxed setting, light the candle…

Allow the enchanting flicker of the flame and the rare essences gradually intoxicate you. Wait for approximately 10 minutes before giving each other the most captivating, seductive, unforgettable massage.

Once the temperature of the oil feels comfortable to you, slowly pour it into your hands or directly over your partner.


Test it on a small patch of skin to make sure that there is no allergic reaction.
Rinse the product with water in case of any redness or itching.
Do not apply to mucus membranes or other sensitive areas (intimate areas, eyes, open sores, etc.).
For a delicate massage of intimate areas, choose the YESforLOV Allover Lubricating Massage Gel.
Do not ingest.
Remove the cover when using the candle.
Extinguish the candle after use.
Never leave lit candles unattended.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Do not place the candle on a delicate or flammable surface.
Do not leave the candle to burn for longer than three hours at a time.

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