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Our 30ml Bottle contains – 550 sprays
Pheromone purity – min 98%
Solvent – Perfumers alcohol
Carrier oil – Perfumers grade DPG

How to get mcg per spray?

Let’s take an example.

You made a formula that contains 15mg per 50ml bottle. 15 mg is equal to 15 000mcg. 50ml bottle contains 500 sprays. Divide 15 000mcg to 500 sprays and you will get mcg per spray:

(15mg X 1000)/500=30mcg per 1 spray/drop

If You will like Your creation You will be able to reorder it anytime. You order information will be stored in our database. Your formula name will be – order number

Read more about each pheromone molecule

  • Androstadienone – the “love” pheromone. Well known for causing feelings of affection, the “fallout” effect (causes a crush on the wearer), and a longing for the wearers presence. Makes women feel uplifted, comforted, contented, and protected. Also known for making the wearer appear more attractive (studies in full summary).
  • Androstenone – the “sexual” pheromone. Androstenone is known for causing arousal and attraction in women. It can also be perceived as intimidating in high doses, and considered to be an essential part of most attraction pheromone formulas. Can also cause fear based respect, as well as be perceived as a threat to other men… it’s one of the most effective and widely studied pheromones to date.
  • AndrostAnone – the “social dominance” and charm pheromone. Androstanone, while similar in chemical structure to “androstenone” (listed above), has a very different mode of operation. In terms of effects, they both create sexual attraction, a sense of “alpha” power, and attention grabbing effects. However, the -anone variation tends to create these effects in a more “subtle” way.
  • Androsterone (alpha androsterone) – the “respect” pheromone. By itself, it can be perceived as reliable, mature, and trustworthy. However it is commonly used with other pheromones which amplifies their effects, as well as makes your vibe more charismatic. It is also an essential pheromone for attraction formulas, and in particular for creating the fallout effect. The fallout effect is responsible for women developing crushes on the wearer, and getting jealous, possessive, clinginess, and creating stalker like behavior.
  • Epi-androsterone (beta androsterone) – the “charmer”, or swag pheromone. Beta androsterone is a pheromone known for creating a youthful, charismatic, and social vibe. It is also believed to elevate your social status and respect, but at the same time be likable and attractive for both men and women. It is also a core component in many attraction products, as it creates feelings of affection for the wearer, and “chemistry” between people.
  • Androsterone Sulfate – the “fun, warm, social” pheromone. Androsterone sulfate is a very unique molecule, in the fact that it is not predominantly produced by males or females. Some of the known effects include significant uplift in mood, increased sociability, and people seeing you in a positive light.
  • Alpha androstenol – the “conversation grease” pheromone. Known for producing a wide range of social effects, which include: more random “chatter”, social fluidity, and verbal banter. It is perceived as friendly and outgoing, and adds an element of “fun” to your social interactions. In high doses, it can dull the effects of other pheromones, and is used as a “buffer” for more aggressive pheromone molecules.
  • Beta androstenol – the “deep conversion”and TRUTH serum pheromone. Beta-androstenol is known for creating a sense of familiarity, or a bond between people. While alpha androstenol can open the lines of communication, its beta isomer is known for deepening your social interactions… people may reveal things they hide from others, secrets, and other types of personal information. Alpha and beta androstenol are commonly used with eachother to increase the frequency, as well as depth of conversation in social pheromone products.
  • Androstenetrione – the “visual beautifier” pheromone. Androstenetrione, while not as “mainstream” as other pheromones has profound and very unique effects. It creates a very noticeable “air brush” type of effect, making you appear more attractive to other people, as well as making other people appear more attractive to you. It is also an emotional amplifier, and creates almost euphoric experiences and memories in hindsight. It is also known for its “super glue” effect where people (especially women) feel inclined make body contact with the wearer. This is due to the affectionate feelings it tends to cause.
  • Androstatrione – the “visual brightener” pheromone. Androstatrione is a molecule similar to androstenEtrione, in that it creates noticeable visual effects. However, in my opinion they are not as pronounced. What is noticeable is that it seems to “brighten” your vision, and also make people and things appear in a more childlike way. People may perceive you as more attractive. Like cartoonish, unreal, etc. This molecule has some reports on it, but needs more testing to determine further effects.
  • DHEA – the “youthful”, funny pheromone. DHEA is a very common molecule in many pheromone formulas because of its myriad of effects. It can create humourous social situations, more playfulness from men and women, and generally a “pleasant” vibe. It is known for boosting your sense of wellbeing, and known for making people feel more “in touch” with their bodies (in a physical sort of way).
  • DHEAS – the “social attention” grabber pheromone. While closely related to DHEA, DHEAS produces a unique variety of effects which tends to work even better with other pheromones. Some of the effects its known to produce include: making you more verbally articulate, playful, and intellectual. It’s also a known “beautifier” and very attractive to younger women. You will feel energized wearing it.
  • Pregnenolone – the “charmer/hilarity” pheromone. While Pregnenolone is relatively unused by most mainstream pheromone vendors, it has proven itself to have many potent effects. You may notice that it makes you feel more upbeat, goofy, and sociable than usual, and people also seem to be more intrigued with your presence. Pregnenolone is also “erratic” in some ways, as higher or lower doses can change the effects you receive in positive or negative ways.
  • Estratetraenol (EST) – the “nurturing”, protective pheromone. While present in a select few pheromone vendor products for men, this is a FEMALE pheromone. In small doses, it can add comfort, friendliness, and be used as a buffer for more aggressive pheromones. However, for female products containing EST, it is used to create an air of vulnerabbility, and inspires men to be protective, cuddlier, and more chivalrous towards them.  EST affects men and women differently.
  • Methoxyestratetraenone (Meo-EST) – the “crush” pheromone. This is also a relatively unused pheromone by the majority of vendors out there. However, as a standalone it is known for producing “crushy” feelings in women. It is not the same as androstadienone. Women feel a physical sensation, very similar to “butterflies” when they are around someone they feel extreme affection for.
  • Oxytocin – the “trust/bonding” pheromone. While Oxytocin is not “officially” considered a pheromone, there have been many reports that claim it does, and many that claim it doesn’t. In the case of Oxytocin this is a huge area of debate among pheromone enthusiasts – I would guess that there is about a 50/50 divide between people who see results with it or not. Effects include increased trust, very strong bonding qualities between partners, and very heavy “love” vibes.
  • Alpha THDOC (Allo-THDOC) – the “reset” pheromone. Again, while a-thdoc is not officially considered a pheromone, it is a derived from a neurosteroid and affects brain activity (as do all pheromones). However, what makes this one interesting is the strange, and sometimes very useful effects it produces. Effects such as hysterical laughter, “blank outs” (forgetting what you were talking about), extreme concentration. Has also been noted to “reset” perceptions of you in some ways.
  • Beta THDOC – the “disinhibition” pheromone. This is also a neurosteroid which acts in a similar way to regular pheromones. It is similar to Alpha THDOC, however it produces a very pronounced disinhibition effect- not only in verbal ways but also physical. In some ways, it is an amped up version of beta-androstenol when it comes to honesty… in ways that should only be reserved for mature adults. In its physical disinhibition, you will notice people move closer towards you (if they like you), or you may notice distance. It seems to amplify peoples emotions, and the effects of other pheromones.
  • Copulins – from the word “copulate”. While it’s not exactly a pheromone either, it is a scent produced by healthy, fertile women in their vaginal secretions. It is used as a natural lubricant when aroused. It’s main purpose is for female pheromone products to attract men which has powerful effects on their physiology, including boosting men’s testosterone levels by up to 150%. Men who use copulins in trace amounts with their products or as a single molecule, can be perceived as players, jerks, and lady killers in general if they are not careful. It can attract, as well as repel women if used for attraction purposes.  Significant others may also suspect cheating if you have not had sex and they smell copulins on you.
  • EpiAlloPregnanolone – the “survival” pheromone. This is a particularly interesting pheromone because it creates a very distinct, “primal” kind of feeling in the wearer. It is known to be an incredible auditory, as well as visual enhancer, which makes the wearer feel somewhat “on edge”. This feeling likely taps into the need to survive, much like our ancestors would have had to in the jungle – being hyper aware of their surroundings.

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