Red Casual Pheromones

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Casual Red Pheromone 50ml, Medium Concentration Pheromone

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Do you dream of a prince from a fairy tale, which will attract you in a romantic getaway? Or perhaps a macho, who will do anything for you?

Finally, pheromones will help you get the ideal lover lying at your feet!

Casual is currently one of the most popular pheromones in Europe. CASUAL is an optimal concentration of pheromone. French scientists after many years of laboratory testing, using knowledge of the biochemical properties of pheromones created a unique formula, in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. Natural pheromones are produced by humans and animals in minute quantities. Casual Formula is the optimum concentration.

Casual Red Pheromone Perfume for Women 50ml – Pheromones for women with a very seductive scent.Top Notes Red Casual Pheromone Perfume for Women is similar to Pure Poison Christian Dior.

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