‘SXD-9’ Pheromone Gel Unscented 30ml

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‘SXD-9’ Pheromone gel for Men (30ml). Company ‘Liquid Alchemy Labs’. Made in USA

  • Type – For Men to attract Women
  • Fragrance – Unscented
  • Base – Gel (hydroalcoholic solution)
  • Application type – Vacuum Pump


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This unscented formula was created for the purpose of taking the social sexual signature as far as we could without going into the alpha range of the pheromone spectrum.

SXD-9™ received unusually high satisfaction scores from our testers. We are assuming this high rating is because this product covers the social inflexibility of some men and the fact that they do not adapt quickly to the rapid social change that can happen when wearing more alpha pheromones. On one hand some men have problems with alpha products pushing them into a social range that they are not familiar with or comfortable handling. On the other hand, the quiet and shy type finds that the socials alone don’t give them any of the fire that is required to attract women, so they don’t see much difference when wearing them.. SXD-9 has proven itself to be the perfect pheromone formula for this situation, giving overall better results for many men than a pure alpha or pure social pheromone formula.

SXD-9 is a very long lasting polymer gel formula that uses a polymer matrix that is safe enough to use in your eyes. (DO NOT PUT THIS IN YOUR EYE, I’m trying to make a point.) The interesting thing about the polymer is that it drastically  increases the life span of the pheromones by shielding them from bacteria and slowly releasing them into the air. Pheromone release can be in excess of 24 hours and has been detectable at 48 hours when no showers were taken.

Unlike Hypnotica Social which can be used by anyone, SXD-9 is gender specific for use by men; although it works excellent as a social, it also has that sexual element that a pure social does not.

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