‘Treasureful Shine™’ Pheromone for men 30ml

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‘Treasureful Shine’ Pheromone spray for Men (30ml). Company ‘Pheromone Treasures’. Made in USA.

  • Type – For Men to attract Women
  • Fragrance – Unscented
  • Base – Oil/Alcohol
  • Application type – Spray


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Note that we do not add any wooden treasure box with the product. We order only pheromones from PT to reduce shipping rates.

Treasureful Shine is an alcohol based pheromone spray that comes in a 30ml sprayer bottle.  There are a guaranteed 15mg of pheromones per 30ml bottle.  The formula contains a proprietary blend of pheromones made to give you confidence and gain you leadership.

Treasureful Shine takes you from someone already doing well into someone doing, well, a little better. Look, you’re already dressed to the nines. You’ve rehearsed your lines and brushed up on some recent factoids. Maybe you’re in a bar having fun with some friends and looking to meet someone new. You have the hobbies, the social skills, and the fashion sense to turn a head or two (maybe even three). You’ve found yourself already at the top of the pile but what transcends absolutely all preparations you could possibly make?

Confidence. Not only in how you present yourself but also in how you talk. Treasureful Shine takes what you’re already doing a great job in and makes you do it better. It’ll make you come across both as more confident in everything you do but also makes you look like you’re having fun while doing it. This works in a multitude of scenarios, be it a really important job interview or any type of social event you can think up of. You shine a little brighter when you use this treasure. That’s really all there is to it. No secrets, no curses, and no complicated yoga maneuvers. Apply, smile, and reap the rewards. Simple as that.

General Recommended Dosage – 1-3 sprays

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1 review for ‘Treasureful Shine™’ Pheromone for men 30ml

  1. recognizer/krh23

    Resembles an old Instant Shine formula. Use it in a work environment as it gives respect and a VIP aura.

    I converted mine into a dropper bottle to have more precise dosing. One drop was more than enough.

    Well-invested money!

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