‘Overdose’ pheromone Gel for men 50ml

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‘Overdose’ Pheromone gel for Men (50ml). Company ‘Liquid Alchemy Labs’. Made in USA

  • Type – For Men to attract Women
  • Fragrance – Unscented
  • Base – Gel (hydroalcoholic solution)
  • Application type – Vacuum Pump


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 This is an unscented product (Other than the scent of the pheromones themselves.) Overdose would be considered a heavy alpha product if you just went by the pheromone content alone, however, there are few things that make it different than usual. It is balanced with a new social sexual pheromone mix that has tested very highly on the success scale. As usual, we are experimenting with various new potential pheromone chemicals and have included our newest in this product, as well as in the SX-D9 product. It is my belief that this formula contains some ingredients that no other pheromone manufacturer yet has.

Part of what makes this formula different is that we have used a polymer matrix that is safe enough to use in your eyes. (DO NOT PUT THIS IN YOUR EYE, I’m trying to make a point.) The interesting thing about the polymer is that it really increases the life span of the pheromones by shielding them from bacteria and slowly releasing them into the air. Pheromone release can be in excess of 24 hours and has been detectable at 48 hours when no showers were taken.

However, that is not all, another interesting discovery is that alpha pheromones that would make your head spin in a regular formula are greatly metered with this polymer carrier. In particular Androstenone. What would normally be a lethal attraction dose for most guys (hence the name OVERDOSE.) actually becomes quite user friendly.

I’m certain that there are guys who will still be hiding under the bed shaking and crying from it, but for the rest of you this will offer an entirely different level of pheromone use than what you are used to, allowing those of you who are not fearful of using it, to climb to new social skill levels for attracting women.

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1 review for ‘Overdose’ pheromone Gel for men 50ml

  1. recognizer/krh23

    It exactly does what its name means. Be careful not to piss off everyone you know. Make sure you smile a lot :]

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