‘Nude Alpha’ pheromone for men 10ml

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‘Nude alpha’ Pheromone oil for Men (10ml). Company ‘Liquid Alchemy Labs’. Made in USA

  • Type – For Men to attract Women
  • Fragrance – Unscented
  • Base – Oil based
  • Application type – Euro dropper


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NUDE ALPHA™ is an unscented multi pheromone product with high levels of androstenone designed to be used with any cologne or perfume of your choosing. Its purpose is to attract women, and raise the social status of the wearer.

Warning: the product label does show nudity.

Same NUDE, More Androstenone formulated by customer request.

NUDE ALPHA™ unscented human pheromones was created for veteran pheromone users who wanted more androstenone in the original NUDE product.

It has become popular for many of our users to layer the original NUDE with PRIMITIVE and Androstadienone 10mg. (Not the whole bottle, just a few drops). Many people could not afford all three products, and have been requesting that we combine them.

We have added more androstenone to the original NUDE formula to create NUDE ALPHA™. We couldn’t legally add the androstadienone to the mix when we originally created this product, (Though we can now, as the patent has expired) but we don’t change formulas after we release them, so you will still have to purchase Androstadienon separately.

Be aware that NUDE ALPHA will work just fine on its own and many men use it that way, but for many people you will still most likely want to give the Androstadienone a try.

After years of use by thousands of men, Nude Alpha has developed a reputation for having an imprinting effect on women. Making feelings go deeper and emotions to be felt with more intensity. Should you create an emotional experience while a woman is in your company, she will feel it far more powerfully than she would without this pheromone being present.

Though this is an alpha product, it should work for any man of any age group due to the original NUDE’s complex social pheromone mixture.

NUDE ALPHA™ is a roll on pheromone that you can use with any cologne of your choosing. It can be applied before or after your regular cologne, or be used with no cologne at all. Go NUDE!

A note about the characteristics of an unscented pheromone: It should be understood that many people cannot smell pheromones. However a huge number of people can. The idea of unscented does not mean that there is no scent at all, it means no scent has been added. In fact if you cant smell anything after applying an unscented pheromone to your skin and neither can anyone else, chances are the product contains very low amounts of pheromones or no pheromones at all.

A note about strength: It is common to see 10x 25x 50x concentrated super strength pheromone products being offered. As with many things in life, more is not always better. Pheromones will repel people or have other side effects if the concentration is too high. What if you could get your cologne or perfume at 50x concentration? It would burn your eyes out of their sockets and permanently damage your sinuses. Heck the military would want it. Besides, 50x concentration compared to what? It has no meaning because there is no set standard.

It is simply better to have a well balanced formula that was designed for peak performance. A complex blend is more powerful than just a shit load of pheromones. We started playing the more power game at first with our products in an effort to stay competitive. It did not take very long to see that after a certain level of concentration you are doing your customers a disservice. If we would not wear it, we should not be offering it to our customers, and what we make for us, we should and do, make for them.

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