‘MAX-T-150™’ Copulin Stick

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‘Max T-150’ Lipstick with Copulins. Company ‘Liquid Alchemy Labs’. Made in USA

  • Type – Unisex
  • Fragrance – Melon Scent
  • Base – Bee Wax based
  • Application type – Lipstick


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MAX-T-150™ is a copulins rich, solid lip-balm type tube for personal copulins used to raise testosterone levels. With a lite clean melon scent.

MAX-T-150was created because Garry Nelson had been using copulins before workouts for many years until he decided that if he was using it for this purpose then others might want to do so as well.

Why was Garry applying female vaginal pheromones to his mustache before workouts, martial arts and other sports? Because, he said, having a woman sit on his face made it hard to workout. No, that was not it,. He did it because of the findings of various researchers that showed an increase in testosterone in only minutes after male test subjects had inhaled copulins, with the highest reported testosterone level increase being almost 150%

Copulins are produced by women when they are at the peak of ovulation and have the highest chance of being impregnated. This appears to be nature’s way of making sure that men take notice and reproduction happens.  It may all be on a subconscious level, but now that we understand it, we might as well be benefiting from the knowledge in as many ways as we can.

When creating Max-T-150 a very specific copulins formula had to be used that matched the formula that had previously shown the highest testosterone response as reported by earlier researchers.

As well as the right copulins, Garry wanted something more convenient than packing a dropper around and didn’t require a guy to buy an entire bottle of copulins. Something you could carry in your pocket or gym bag, something that would not spill or attract much attention when you used it. Something that could be applied anytime, anywhere.

Fortunately the simple lip-balm tube proved to be the perfect package and a modified beeswax formula worked very well as a healthy and efficient low cost carrier. We were not using this product for seduction, so we wanted a carrier that would hold the pheromones close for an extended time in an effort to give the wearer maximum benefit.

A lite clean melon scent was used to cover the natural scent of the copulins. In fact, Garry rarely refers to Max-T-150 by it’s name. Garry feels that due to the melon scent and the vaginal pheromones, the best name is to call it a “Cuntaloupe stick.” We don’t agree, at least from a marketing standpoint and Garry was voted down on the name. Not that he has stopped calling it that, but we did the best we could.


Apply to any part of the body that you can conveniently sniff. Garry applies it to his mustache or his workout glove on top of the index fingers knuckle so that you can just look like you are thinking by resting your chin on your thumb, he says, “you can put it on your fingers but then people may see you sniffing your fingers at the gym and get the wrong idea about you.”

Many men just apply it to the divot under the nose on the upper lip. You should test on the inside of the wrist before doing this though as copulins are acidic and there could be a reaction, though we have never seen even one person have a reaction to this product, it is still good to test.


No, your testicles will not shrink, or your hair fall out from using this product.


No, we are not making any health claims or promises that your testosterone will absolutely definitely jump 150%. You are an adult and if you choose to experiment, we are here to help you; but we can’t make any claims. We don’t want pheromones regulated, so we don’t want to make health claims that might make any government agency feel the need to get involved.

T150 and the copulins can increase your testosterone, but if you want to try strong supplements that were made to boost testosterone in men Please go to this page “Testosterone Boosters For Men”

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