‘Bad Wolf’ pheromone oil for men 30ml


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‘Bad Wolf’ Pheromone oil cologne for Men (30ml). Company ‘Liquid Alchemy Labs’. Made in USA

  • Type – For Men to attract Women
  • Fragrance – Scented (2 versions)
  • Base – Oil based
  • Application type – Euro dropper

*Bad Wolf – versions:

  • Bad Wolf Version 2019 (or version from 2019).
  • Bad Wolf Version 2018 (Original, or version before 2019)

Both versions have the same pheromone formula and concentration. Only small difference between fragrances. Most guys prefer the original version. Both are great. All products are freshy made, 2018/2019 does  not mean that it was made that year. This is just a mark to identify which version it is.



There is nothing worse than a pheromone product that you can’t tell if it is working. You use it all day and nobody does anything out of the ordinary. You are as invisible, ordinary and boring as always, just another freaking wasted day in your life.

It makes you think, what is the point of your existence? Is it really just to punch a time clock, watch TV, sleep, eat and do it again until you die? Slowly letting go of your hopes and dreams as you age, realizing all those big plans aren’t going to happen? Are you achieving all that you want, living a life that you are proud of? Isn’t the reason you are looking at or trying pheromones an effort to make your life more interesting by making you more?

I lied about the nothing worse part above, getting used to not getting the girl you want is way worse, letting go of that hope that you might win is worse. How about being a good guy and always getting kicked in the emotional nuts for your niceness? How does that make you feel?

Birth of Bad Wolf

Garry sat back from his computer. “Fuck, fuck fuck.”

I glance towards him, “What?”

He rubs his eyes and drops his forehead on the desk so hard makes the monitors shake and boxes of numbered vials fall over. “I wish I could just take these guys and shake the niceness out of them. Look nice and be bad works better than just being nice. There are so many guys out there that don’t realize that when they are being nice, they are saying they don’t want sex, they just want to be used. Women think they are weasels and they don’t even know it.

On one hand I have guys that look so mean they scare women and then I have guys so nice that women stomp all over them and kick them to the curb. Some of them are even the same guy and he wonders why he doesn’t get anywhere with women”

“Then tell them that.” I offered.

He looked at me like I had brain damage. He often times looks at me like that, I just don’t get things the way he does.

“You know, I can make pheromones that coddle them and gives them hope, or I can make pheromones that will get them where they want to be, but they are afraid of the ones that will get the job done, they think they are overdosing when they are actually at the point of making something happen, then they run away, lower their dosage, add more socials to beta down, or stop using completely. They are so afraid of confrontation, they don’t understand that mastery of women and unlimited sex is on the other side of that uneasy encounter.”

Do I sell them what they want, or do I make what they need to have a bigger and better life?”

I thought about that for a minute, “I guess it depends if you just want to make money or you want to change lives and I know what you want to do or you wouldn’t spend so much time on the computer answering all these guy’s questions when you could make me or someone else do it.”

He leaned back in his chair and looked at the ceiling, “Guys on the forum don’t even get that Wolf is sexual, they think it puts them in the friend zone, when they are the ones putting themselves in the friend zone. I should make a Bad Wolf, I mean really BAD!”

It seemed like a perfectly good plan to me and I said so.

Garry, “Yeah, but If I make it then it would have to be very alpha and very sexual, have self effects. It would have to be even more potent than anything I have already made so that the guys who had the courage to use it would get results fast before they give up.

What am I thinking? They will just use less and less or add some other products to beta it down until they are comfortable and back to making no progress, and then they will say it does not work or something.”

So far I had been trying to work while talking, but finally had to turn my full attention because Garry is just not like this. “What is wrong with you today? You are the most optimistic guy that I know.”

Garry rubbed his eyes again, “Sixteen hours of customer service with lost guys that just need to follow through with a few pointers and they can be kings. You are right, I’m going to make Bad Wolf. It won’t have anything to do with Wolf though, it will have to be completely different, completely life changing even if it only changes the course of a few men’s lives it will be worth it. I’m going to the lab”

And that is how Bad Wolf was born. Bad Wolf was created to change your life. It has been created with all the goals that Garry had for you, but you have to want those things for you as well.

How is it going to go for me?

Bad Wolf’s alpha aggressive is going to hit first, so you are going to have to have the nuts to hang in there until the sexual has the chance to get you into real trouble. This is backwards to the way many pheromone formulas work as most pheromone formulas are made for low level beta males with lots of socials, or they are just all alpha androstenone. This brings up a good point, most people think that the pheromones we have listed in our unmixed section is all we have, so we must just be juggling them around. That is far from the truth. Liquid Alchemy Labs uses many different pheromones, plant extracts, pheromone like substances or putatives. Garry never stops searching for more and better pheromones and many of them he does not sell individually as he does not want his competitors to know about them.

Bad Wolf is a bit twisted in its delivery. Mostly because we want your life to be interesting. You are paying for a different reaction with women and people in general. You want a different life and we are trying to give that new experience to you. I mean in the end you only get your experiences, so you better make them good ones. I mean the goal is not to be more boring than your friends. Bad Wolf does not accept boring!

Is Bad Wolf going to jack me up?

Some guys yes, some guys no. It will depend on where you are socially and how you act in general. A bad hit is just a hit you didn’t know how to handle. (A hit is when someone shows a reaction to you and the pheromones)

Self effects? Yes, it has self effects. We will leave what they are as a surprise for those who choose to own Bad Wolf. For those who don’t , you get to read the stories on the forums or hear about them from your friends.

Is Bad Wolf going to intimidate women?

Yes, it is, so act like you are not dangerous. Smile, keep your eyes friendly and your body language open. You know, all the usual shit Garry tells you guys to do. That way, the sexual part can happen. If you can get this down, Bad Wolf will be the best pheromone formula you have ever used.

Be Bad, act friendly and all that subconscious danger in the face of your friendliness is just too fascinating for women. Don’t think so? Try reading some romance novels and see what chick porn is like.

Anyway, I can’t believe you read all that, LET THE BEAST OUT Buy Bad Wolf now and start making your life what it was supposed to be

If you want to try sample of Bad Wolf for a lower price, please go to this page “Wolf Pheromone Tester”

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3 reviews for ‘Bad Wolf’ pheromone oil for men 30ml

  1. recognizer/krh23 (verified owner)

    Mood enhancer where you feel amazing and on the top of the world. Magic in liquid form.

    Ramps up your aggression and IGF attitude.

    Good for going out and any other situation where you are on a hunt. I do not recommend it for work!

    If you have low confidence it can help to change how you think about yourself – not for absolute beginners or people who can’t stand alpha male pheros.

  2. Mrg

    Very nice fragrance, works well in a different situations. One of my favorite from Liquid alchemy Labs

  3. Jeremy


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