Latina Pheromone oil for men 30ml “Pheromone Treasures”

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Latina Oil 30ml, High Concentration Pheromone

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Note that we do not add any wooden treasure box with the product. We order only pheromones from PT to reduce shipping rates.

Those Latina girls sure are something, aren’t they? Every night is a fiesta when you’ve got a pretty Latina lady on your arm. Let’s face it, you won’t ever have a quiet moment again… in all the right ways. There’s a ton of fun to be had in the chase but sometimes you just want to skip past all that and get your hands on the prize so you can spend your time doing something a bit more entertaining. This carefully designed formula, conveniently named Latina, aims to help you accomplish that very goal.

The truth is that you’re looking to attract these Latina beauties. You’re looking stellar, they’re looking stellar, and a boost is always appreciated. With 18mg of pheromones per 30ml bottle, Latina’s complex formula that I have spent years perfecting is made to give you that “little sumpin sumpin” that will naturally attract the Latina ladies.

Catch the eye of a cierva with your impeccable samba skills but cement her lustful attention with this treasure. No one is going to stand between you and a good time. Not even the smoothest talker in the room will be able to best the natural inclinations of these Latina girls when they catch a whiff of the pheromones you’ve unleashed.

General Recommended Dosage – 1-3 drops

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