“UNRESISTIBLE®” Pheromone oil for Women (12ml unscented)

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“UNRESISTIBLE®” Women 12ml + Extra Pheromone Gift 13ml

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“UNRESISTIBLE® – pheromone oil with unique, high-concentration formula for maximum results. We recommend this formula for experienced users. Also we recommend using it with your favorite cologne or perfume.

This pheromone formula contains 6 different human pheromones in high concentrations + 1 secret ingredient! It is certainly on of the strongest legally available products on the market.

UNRESISTIBLE® pheromone oil products contain different combinations of pheromones depending on the purpose of the specific product. Some pheromones are used in all of the products, but in different dosages. All of the products are very concentrated (from 50 to 80 mg of pheromones per bottle) so they should be used moderately and with caution.


Pheromone type – unscented/oil*
Contains – 12ml
Concentration – very high concentration
Made in Europe
Pheromone Composition – copulin, estratetraenol, anndrostanone, epiandrosteron, pregnenolone, beta-androstenol, secret ingredient (more details about each pheromone look here)

*You should know that real pheromones has a specific scent. We usually recommend to combine it with You favorite cologne.


Unresistable Pheromones


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