Grail of Affection TESTER Pheromone oil for men 6.1ml (Pheromone Treasures)

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“Grail of Affection” 6.1ml Tester (Pheromone Treasures)

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Grail of Affection is an oil based pheromone cologne that comes in a 6.1ml dropper bottle.  There are a guaranteed 21mg of pheromones per 6.1ml bottle.  The formula contains a proprietary blend of 4 unique pheromones, 2 of which are Beta Androsterone and Androstadienone.

grail of affectionYou have to keep the romance alive. Isn’t that what all the forty-year anniversary couples tell you? Of course, they all have gems of advice: Learn to laugh, never go to bed angry, and learn to always concede to the woman. That last one’s a joke (or is it?). But let it be known that making your girl feel like she made the best choice in the world being with you is incredibly important. Not only are you a safe haven for her but you make her feel over the moon. Reinforcing that every chance you get is a no-brainer!

There are so many ways to show your appreciation to your partner, some that are small (a box of chocolate) and some that are big (a Trip to Paris), but the real challenge is promoting the trust and love between the two of you in a consistently passive way. Just being around your partner having her know you love her and she loves you without doing any thing special, that is the type of vibe I designed Grail of Affection to target and amplify.

In the war of love, every boost is worth a look. You’re already putting in the effort and hell, maybe you’ve just planned an absolutely amazing date night. Why not add a little push? With Grail of Affection, you do just that. Formulated to specifically work with the pheromones naturally produced between two people in love, Grail of Affection takes what’s already there and makes it a little more potent. Trust, love, and appreciation are all attributes that are enhanced by the Grail of Affection.

Holy Grail be damned, this is what you need. After using the Grail of Affection, you can finally ask her whether or not she hid the remote from you that one night. No one said you had to use this nifty little thing for benevolence!

General Recommended Dosage – 1-3 drops




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