‘Ultimate Lubricant’ Silicone Lube 150ml

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‘Silicone Lubricant’ for Men and Women. Light, Medium or Thick consistency (150ml). Company ‘YESforLOV’. Made in France.

Pheromones made in france


Unparalleled, long-lasting and playful lubrication for ultimate thrills. (From intro’ to orgasm over three chapters).

The YESforLOV Ultimate Lubricant has been formulated with a non-penetrating silicone-based. It offers very long-lasting performance and multi purpose sexual relations. Fragrance-free, non-greasy and non-sticky texture, the YESforLOV Ultimate Lubricant ensures a velvety touch and unparalleled sensual comfort. It has been designed to make sex better, easier and more playful for everyone.

• The light consistency is ideal for massaging the body and intimate parts. Its silky and fluid texture leaves your skin soft and satin-smooth while ensures a lubricating effect that will make you forget you’re there.
• The medium consistency is ideal for playful and naughty love affairs.Its perfect texture reduces friction and ensures comfortable and pleasant sensations during lovemaking.
• The thick consistency is ideal for sustained sexual intercourse of rare intensity. Its thick, ultra-coaty texture ensures unlimited and painless penetration.


The YESforLOV ultimate lubricant gel has been tested by gynaecologists.

Suitable for all types of mucus membranes, even the most delicate areas.
Cosmetovigilance: No undesirable effects have been reported to date.


Performance for everyone
Silicone-based lubricants offer a silky, soft, shiny, non-sticky and very long-lasting glide whatever the use. In terms of sensoriality and gliding performance, it is in short the best. Your endurance is its only limit.

A safe, biostatic and hydrophobic French formula
The ingredients contained in the YESforLOV ultimate lubricating gels are water-resistant. It does also minimise the risk of allergies and limit the proliferation of fungal bacteria. The silicones used are non- toxic to the skin and mucous membranes.

A multi-purpose product for daily basis
Popular with sportsmen and women, the ultimate lubricants can help to reduce tissue rubbing on the skin. Some women do not hesitate to apply it to the scalp to relax, protect and facilitate hair detangling.

Superior presentation
A silver-grey packaging outlining the performance, an easy-to-use flip flop bottle, a top range male identity that will naturally and discreetly find its place in your nightstand.


Apply the desired amount of lube, massage in and let your skin become naturally smooth and divinely silky. Any combination is possible; any wish can be fulfilled, from massage to penetration. All bets are off, taboos are out.

Compatible with condoms.

150ml / 5,1fl.oz
Made in France
Vegan and cruelty free
Tested under gynaecologist’s control.

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