‘Pure² Miyoshi Miyagi’ unscented Pheromones 15ml

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‘Miyoshi Miyagi Pure’ Pheromone perfume for Women. Pheromone for Men (15ml). Company ‘Miyoshi Miyagi’. Made in Europe

  • Type – For Women to attract Men
  • Fragrance – Lightly Scented
  • Base – Alcohol based
  • Application type – Spray

Europe made pheromones

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Thanks to the odorless properties of Miyoshi Miyagi formula the PURE products are totally undetectable. Therefore, they can be used freely with favorite perfumes.

PURE line is a top-drawer collection of natural compositions of pheromones directed at men and women. Applying the knowledge of pheromones and their biochemical properties, the new uniqueMiyoshii Miyagi formula was created. It includes, among other things, such pheromones as Androstenol, Androstenon and Alpha-Androstenol. It is precisely these pheromones as well as the exclusive Miyoshi Miyagi ingredients that make the whole PURE line so effective.

Wide range of Miyoshi Miyagi products offers preparations of various pheromone concentration. Decide yourself what will be the extent of your influence on those in your surrounding, depending on the situation.


New, unique perfumes have been created combining the oldest Japanese traditions of the art of perfume and modern achievements in biochemistry. It is thanks to them that we can enjoy the exquisite fragrance and at the same time influence the way other people perceive us. The main ingredient of perfumes is the Miyoshi Miyagi pheromone formula.
This unique perfume formula is based first and foremost on the composition of pheromones (Androstenol, Androstenon and Alpha-Androstenol), which, despite being odorless, are subconsciously detected by those in our nearest surrounding.

Human and animal bodies liberate pheromones mainly in order to provide the partners with information on sexual readiness. In addition, they serve as social interaction regulators. Their influence is immensely strong.
As strong substances attracting sexually, they are completely scentless and they can be detected only subconsciously by VNO (Vomeronasal Organ) receptors, which are located in the nasal septum area.

However, what is easily noticeable is the effect that Miyoshi Miyagi pheromones have on the opposite sex is easily noticeable. People who surround you become more open, eager to flirt and they perceive you as more attractive. Thanks to a few discreet applications you can influence those who you particularly care about!

PRODUCT: natural perfume (fragrance-free) for women enriched with Next Generation pheromone formula

TYPE OF PACKAGING: 15 ml glass bottle with an atomizer

RECOMMENDED USE: for women who desire men


EFFECTIVE DOSE / DURATION: 3-4 sprays / 5-7 h

EFFECTS ON PEOPLE AROUND: increases the attractiveness and interest in the conversation, creates an aura of domination – sends a signal about the ALPHA status, increases excitement, authority and respect, reduces inhibitions

EFFECTS ON YOU: boosts self-confidence, improves mood and sense of humour

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