Miyoshi Miyagi

Miyoshi Miyagi. Remember this name. From now on, thanks to his idea you can literally change your life for the better – and in a very simple way.

This Japanese fashion designer decided to go one step further. He developed a formula which is a complement to his amazing collections. He created fragrances that not only have a beautiful scent, but above all, they have a deep impact on the human senses and emotions. We are talking about pheromones – your secret weapon in the pursuit of the best.

What exactly are they? These intense substances are secreted by humans and animals mainly in order to give the partner information on sexual readiness. Currently, their action is appreciated also in business contacts, in dealing with daily affairs, or even in correspondence. They are completely odourless, and they are perceived subconsciously through VNO (vomeronasal organ) receptors, which are located right in front of the nasal septum.

The unique formula of Miyoshi Miyagi is a perfect symbiosis of two elements – knowledge about the biochemical properties of pheromones and the Japanese art of perfumery. It includes, among other things, Androstenol, Androstenone and Alpha-Androstenol. These are precisely the pheromones which combined with unique ingredients of Miyoshi Miyagi’s formula, determine the effectiveness of the entire line. Get to know it better and start to influence everything (and everyone) in your environment.

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