‘Possess Alpha’ pheromone cologne for men 10ml

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‘Possess Alpha’ Pheromone oil for Men (10ml). Company ‘Liquid Alchemy Labs’. Made in USA

  • Type – For Men to attract Women
  • Fragrance – Scented
  • Base – Oil based
  • Application type – Euro dropper


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Possess Alpha™ Containing the same fragrance and multi pheromones formula as the Regular POSSESS™ only modified with a heavy duty punch of Androstenone.

This cologne’s scent is similar to Dolce & Gabbana. Possess Alpha™ is a refined spicy, masculine scent with notes of lemon, orange, lavender, cedar, sage and tobacco.

Higher testosterone levels in men are signaled by the production of the pheromone Androstenone. Thus telling others that you are a strong dominant male to be feared and respected.

Note: High levels of Androstenone can be very intimidating. In rare cases some men can even feel anxiety and nervousness when wearing this cologne. If you do happen to have this anxious reaction, just hang in there and give it a few weeks for your system to realize this new pheromone signature represents you There is some research that suggest that this may actually raise your testosterone levels as your body perceives that it is dealing with heavy duty male competition and had better up the testosterone to compete and survive. When your system adjusts the anxiety will be gone and you will actually be more dominant. Win Win.

If you are in a position of power and need to get the highest response and respect from your subordinates then this product is for you.

Some men however do not produce as much testosterone as others. With age your testosterone levels can decline. Making this an exceptional pheromone cologne for the older male who wishes to maintain his alpha male dominance.

Other men simply do not produce high levels of testosterone ever. This is an effective product for the beta male who no longer wants to be beta, and is hell bent on making a change in his life.

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