‘Phiero Woman’ Pheromone Perfume for Women 30ml

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‘Phiero’ Pheromone perfume for Women (30ml). Company ‘Lacroy/Phiero’. Made in Spain/SAR.

  • Type – For Women to attract Men
  • Fragrance – Scented
  • Base – Alcohol based
  • Application type – Spray

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The Phiero Effect

Phiero Woman is the most sophisticated women perfume with pheromones of the Phiero line. Its fragrance is warm and exotic composed by 4 pheromones for women, that combined with their harmony of pheromones attracts and awakens new sensations.

Experiment the Phiero Woman effect:

  • Direct approaches
  • Stronger attraction
  • More intense experiences

Feminine Perfume with pheromones integrated by 4 different pheromones, with essential oils from aromatic wildflowers. Provides an exhilarating fragrancy with traces of Mediterranean spring.

Phiero Premium’s Technical Specifications:

  • Type of perfume:Women perfume with pheromones
  • Sex oriented perfume: Pheromones for women
  • Creation year: 2005
  • Fragrance family: Floral
  • Scent: Wildflowers and woodsy fragrances
  • Size: 30ml
  • Distribution format: Atomizer
  • Ingredients: Androsterone, Delta 16-ol, A-keto, Essential oils, Wildlife fragrances, Glycol.


Pheromones are chemical substances that our body segregates in a natural way aiming to trigger sexual responses. Phiero’s perfume with pheromones for men reproduces with perfect fidelity this scents to enhance the self-confidence and sex appeal.

Androsterone – Creates an image of dominant woman, groundbreaking and makes people around you treat you more kindly. The perception of the androsterone is a genetic matter, therefore exist persons more inclined to feel attraction for pheromone’s segregators than for others.

Estratetraenol – Pheromone that induces intense sexual responses and makes the people around you treat you more kindly. It makes you more visible that the women in the surroundings and in some occasions makes people want to please you.

Delta 16-OL – It is a pheromone of androgynous behavior responsible of empathy and communication, but also generates romantic feelings of union and empathy. Is known as the communication pheromone.

A-Keto – This pheromone stimulates the Vomeronasal organ. Creates a friendly and comfy feeling that reduces the nervousness and tempers the tension. Some sources refer to it as the love pheromone, by the feelings and reactions that triggers.

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