‘Oxytocin’ Pure Pheromone Concentrate 10ml


‘O-IN’ High concentration, pure pheromone – Oxytocin (10ml). Company ‘Aroma Fero Labs’. Made in Europe.

  • Type – Unisex/Additive
  • Concentration – 10mg of Pheromones in 10ml of liquid
  • Fragrance – Unscented
  • Base – Oil (MCT)/Perfumers alcohol
  • Application type – Bulb dropper

Europe made pheromones

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Attention! We recommend to store Oxytocin in lower temperatures (normal home temperature). Oxytocin does not tolerate heat.

Oxytocin – Professional high quality single pheromone molecule directly from Lab.

Important Note! How to read a label?

Some pheromone Molecules are restricted in many countries. So we do not write the full pheromone name (for example O-IN, means Oxytocin). Than “Perfume oil extract” what is the best description for customs.

On the label You will find the number, which indicates chemical Pheromone molecule CAS number (for example  50-56-6)

Product description:

  • CAS Number – 50-56-6
  • Minimum Purity – 97%
  • Bottle volume – 10ml
  • Bottle Type – Bulb Dropper
  • Solution – Perfume grade Di-propylene Glycol (DPG), Perfumers alcohol, Isopropyl Mirystate, Pure O.x.y.t.o.c.i.n

Possible Concentrations:

  • 1mg/1ml Oil version (10.000mcg in 10ml)

About Oxytocin

  • Oxytocin is not officially classified as a pheromone, and there  is ongoing debate as to whether it actually works or not. There seems to be rough a 50/50 divide between people who see results and those who don’t. If you see the molecular weight, it is about 3x what most of the other human pheromones and chemicals I’ve listed above. I suspect people that see results are using very effective diffusion methods such as ISO E Super (common fragrance additive), while others use standard methods.
  • Oxytocin is a chemical released after orgasm, which is suspected to be released as a bonding agent between partners. It can create feelings of intense connection, trust and love.
  • To use Oxytocin effectively, most people find that they need to be very close by in order for it to take effect. There are intra-nasal sprays which allow people to take small doses of Oxytocin as a mood enhancer and relaxant.
  • Interestingly, while people to trust you more, Oxytocin does not appear to make people like you more (except for romantic partners). People will see you as trustworthy and will want to be closer to you. people seem to take everything a bit more seriously, even if you are joking.
  • Oxytocin appears to have a very short half life when outside the skin – most people report the strong effects within an hour of application, and then taper off dramatically.
  • In some cases, Oxytocin can cause EXTREME character changes, especially over prolonged use. I believe this is the result of a self effect and taking your “thoughts” more seriously. If you think highly of yourself, you might notice extreme confidence to the point of cockiness or arrogance. If you think negatively of yourself, you may wind up feeling depressed, lethargic, like something is wrong with your life etc.
  • “The neuropeptide Oxytocin becomes increasingly attractive not only for neurobiologists, psychologists and psychiatrists, but also for sociologists and economists promoted by the discovery of amazing behavioral functions it regulates, especially in the context of social interactions.” (study linked below)
  • “Originally, Oxytocin has been reported as a hormonal key regulator of female reproductive functions in all mammalian species when secreted into blood. Thus, Oxytocin accelerates the delivery process as it promotes uterine contractions, and is essential for milk ejection during lactation.”

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