‘NPA’ Pheromone Concentrate for Men 5ml

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‘NPA’ Orginal New Pheromone Additive. Pheromone for Men (5ml). Company ‘Lacroy’. Made in SAR.

  • Type – For Men to attract Women
  • Fragrance – Unscented
  • Base – Alcohol based
  • Application type – Euro dropper

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NPA is mainly based on the highest quality compounds (purity above 98%), which effectively emphasize your person in the company of other people. When you use the NPA, you immediately become noticed. NPA Man is dominance in the fluid. Women see you as a strong, distinctive man, while the other men feel proper respect. If you practice martial arts, the NPA can raise your opponents fear and submission. Would you like to send “don’t mess with this guy” information?

NPA also increases your self-confidence. After use, you become much more sociable. If you want to make a good impression and have a good time, NPA is the product for you.

The NPA can be used in 2 ways:

  • As an additive to your own preferred cologne or aftershave. You can create the right strength that works for you. There are recommended guidelines to assist you.
  • Direct application onto your skin, as a localized concentrate.

Very high quality, extreme concentration of pheromones in the amount of 0.048% (0.48mg/ml) guarantees the best value for money. Do not be fooled by contents of one pheromone. NPA also contains two powerful pheromones, not disclosed by the manufacturer, which will significantly increase the effect of the main substance.

Pheromones in one drop: 17mcg
NPA Man: Contains Androstenon and two secret substances

Producent: LaCroy Chemicals, South Africa


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