‘Alpha Androsterone’ Pure Pheromone Concentrate 10ml


‘AA-ERON’ High concentration, pure pheromone – Alpha Androsterone (10ml). Company ‘Aroma Fero Labs’. Made in Europe.

  • Type – Unisex/Additive
  • Concentration – 10/20/30/40mg of Pheromones in 10ml of liquid
  • Fragrance – Unscented
  • Base – Oil (MCT)/Perfumers alcohol
  • Application type – Bulb dropper

Europe made pheromones


Alpha Androsterone (3α-hydroxy-5α-androstan-17-one) Professional high quality single pheromone molecule directly from Lab.

Important Note! How to read a label?

Some pheromone Molecules are restricted in many countries. So we do not write the full pheromone name (for example AA-ERON, means Alpha-Androsterone). Than “Perfume oil extract” what is the best description for customs.

On the label You will find the number, which indicates chemical Pheromone molecule CAS number (for example 481298)

Product description:

  • CAS Number – 53-41-8
  • Minimum Purity – 99%
  • Bottle volume – 10ml
  • Bottle Type – Bulb Dropper
  • Drops per bottle – 290
  • Solution – Perfume grade Di-propylene Glycol (DPG), Perfumers alcohol, Isopropyl Mirystate, Pure Beta Androsterone

Possible Concentrations:

  • 1mg/1ml Oil version (10.000mcg in 10ml)
  • 1mg/1ml Alcohol version (10.000mcg in 10ml)
  • 2mg/1ml Oil version (20.000mcg in 10ml) production time 3-4 days
  • 2mg/1ml Alcohol version (20.000mcg in 10ml) production time 3-4 days
  • 3mg/1ml Alcohol version (30.000mcg in 10ml) production time 3-4 days

About Alpha Androsterone

he pheromone effects of Alpha Ansrosterone have been fairly well-tested, both alone and in combination with other molecules. Users have reported the following effects:

  • Androsterone is a vital component in many pheromone mixes, as it is a strong “influencer” – the wearer of androsterone tends to benefit from much more respect, being seen as a natural leader, reliable, and of higher social standing.
  • Known for amplifying the effects of other pheromones, as well as making your pheromone signature more “believable”.
  • Androsterone is also a very strong romantic type of attraction pheromone. While not directly sexual, it has been linked to creating the “fallout effect”, in which a woman develops a crush on the wearer. Women will act more sweetly around you, especially if they are attracted to the “protector” male archetype.
  • Can dramatically increase your concentration abilities, and you more “task oriented”. Often androsterone tends to bring out a sense of “get it done now”, especially when it comes to business or work matters. I suspect it may have something to do with more perceived maturity (on yourself and others), as older males create more androsterone than their younger counterparts.
  • Women exposed to androsterone (and pheromone formulas where it is heavily present), may also start displaying signs of clinginess, jealousy, seeing the wearer as “special”, and become much more possessive. This is especially true if there is “competition” for the wearer.
  • Projects a leadership vibe, without the arrogance or “fear based” respect androstEnone can produce. People see the wearer as a trustworthy individual, and may also see them as of higher social status than they actually are.
  • Women feel comforted, protected, and safe when exposed to androsterone. Many reports also claim that women feel uplifted, and let go of stress and worry when around the wearer. Combined with other molecules, this is easily steered to romantic attraction.
  • Negative effects include being seen as too serious (which is why androsterone is used in combination with other pheromones), boring, and may be confrontational to some males – although there are other pheromones which are perceived more aggressively.
  • Some self includes a boost of self confidence, better body language (straightened posture), ability to communicate more effectively/persuasively, feeling more “masculine” or alpha.
  • Has also been known to be extremely effective for attracting women with “daddy issues” (women who are looking for a father figure). Contrary to popular belief, a lot of these are high quality women, who simply need more security from an emotional standpoint than other females. There are of course bad apples, however you must choose wisely if you invest your time on any woman.

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