Alpha Dream

Alpha Dream Pheromones:

Alpha Dream Pheromones is a company that strives to do things the old world way. Like artisans, all of our products are handmade one at a time in small batches.

Alpha Dream have been manufacturing pheromone chemicals since 2005 having served some 40 companies with high quality human pheromone chemicals. They have patents pending on 4 human pheromone compounds.

Pheromone Perfume for a sexy, alpha, dominant male is Alfa Maschio. Beta Male or Relationship Pheromone is Certo. Alpha Dream Corporativo is a special pheromone perfume for business. Secret Agent Pheromone Formula L2K Version 1 or LIIK Version 2. Very popular social pheromone Glace is described as Unisex Social Pheromone Formula form Men and Women. From 2021 it is being manufactured only for

Alfa Donna Pheromone perfume for Alpha Female. Achar Pheromone was made specifically for relationship or work as great icebreaker.

Every Perfume has a unique scent, that’s fits perfectly with high quality pheromones.

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