‘S&X’ Aphrodisiac Perfume 30ml

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‘S&X’ Aphrodisiac Perfume Unisex (30ml). Company ‘The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi’. Made in The United Kingdom.

Fantastic fragrance. Perfect to use as a cover scent for unscented pheromones. Character & Style: FEARLESS, INFLAMING, WILD

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S&X is a Sex in the bottle! Provocative, fearless and wild, S&X combines a hedonistic symphony of notes that tell the story of the touch of bodies, the beauty of skin on skin and above all lasting memories. It’s all about sex, sensuality and liberation where age and gender don’t really matter it’s S&X for everyone!

This unique fragrance is a perfect combination of wonderful scent notes, aphrodisiacs and natural Pheromones. We recommend using this perfume with strong unscented pheromones or alone. It perfectly mixes with Your own skin DNA, giving Your individual scent.

No specific scents of pheromones, only wonderful aromas and many compliments from others.

This niche fragrance is an exciting collaboration between iconic photographer Rankin and award winning fragrance designer, Azzi Glasser created under her own label, The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi. Azzi has created bespoke perfumes for high profile clients like Jude Law, Orlando Bloom, Kylie Minogue, Noomy Rapace and others.

„A Scent can magically transport one back to memorable moments in time; moments that define us. The uniquely crafted scents by Azzi are precious time-capsules that can make every moment memorable“

Orlando Bloom

The resulting fragrance is a sensorial translation of the seduction that Rankin brings to his photography, together with Azzi’s approach to fragrance which celebrates an individual’s character and style. Just as Rankin captures fleeting desire in an image, Azzi does the same through her scents. Azzi has created bespoke perfumes for high profile clients like Jude Law, Orlando Bloom, Kylie Minogue, Noomy Rapace and others..

Character & Style:

Scent Notes:

Pepper, Earl grey, Olibanum, Castoreum, Jasmine, Leather and Magnolia, White Musk, Patchouli, Poivre, Elemi Oil, Amber resin.

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