‘Sexual Attraction’ Pheromone perfume for Women 15ml


‘Sexual Attraction’ Pheromone perfume for Women (15ml). Company ‘Sexual Attraction’. Made in Europe

  • Type – For Women to attract Men
  • Fragrance – Scented
  • Base – Alcohol based
  • Application type – Spray

Europe made pheromones

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Sexual Attraction Pheromones Woman Formula 5-alpha is the strongest Pheromones that will make you a woman, whom the man cannot resist. The science and special formula, consisting of a unique mix of four pheromones, is behind the success of this mixture: alpha of Androstenole (5α-androst-16-en-3α-ol), Beta- Androstenole, Alpha Androstenone(5a-androstanu-3a-ol,17-one) and Estratetraenole (estra-1,3,5 (10), 16-tetraen-3-ol).

Alfa Androstenol (5α-androst-16-en-3α-ol) – pheromone of popularity. It’s responsible for the charisma and popularity. It creates around you a friendly atmosphere. It also sends signals about good health, fertility, and sexual attraction. The same pheromone is responsible for positive emotions. Other people perceive you as a very attractive person, aand are more open to link up withyou.

  • Beta-Androstenol – pheromone of attraction
    That compound is almost chemically  identical with alpha-Androstenole, but has a different task: promotes communication on a deeper level. It helps in attracting people of the opposite sex, regardless of gender it evokes a feeling of a deep kindness and comfort of being with each other. You can sometimes get the impression that just met person you have known for many years.
  • Androstenon (5a-androstanu-3a-ol-17-one) – pheromone of leader and sex
    To pheromone for both women and men. Women in whom there is a high concentration of pheromone, are always in the spotlight and received are as arousing admiration and respect. It’s easy to zjednują all the attention and affection of the environment. That pheromone makes sexual tension growing around you. It’s often associated with desire and taken into account while choosing a partner.
  • Estratetraenol (estra-1, 3,5 (10) ,16-tetraen-3-ol) – pheromone of femininity and seduction. Completely scentless pheromone (associated with estrogen-female sex hormone) creates an aura of uniquely feminine and sensual. In an unusual way it activates the brain: stimulates men’s hanger. As a result of this pheromone action you will  “tenderise” the environment. This pheromone affects men soothing and raises them to hug you and protect.

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