‘Rejouissance’ Cologne for Men 100ml

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‘Rejouissance’ Aphrodisiac Perfume for men (100ml). Company ‘YESforLOV’. Made in France.

Fantastic fragrance. Perfect to use as a cover scent for unscented pheromones.

Pheromones made in france

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Warm and masculine Rejouissance version, with a new sensual sophistication brought by woods and intense spices, and softened by a dried fruit accord with a hint of Tonka bean.

Bergamot, Pepper, Saffron Date,
Prune Patchouli, Amber wood,
Tonka bean, Vanilla


YESforLOV is as old as its desires and as beautiful as its conquests. It is the ideal partner for all encounters and all intimate and reciprocal relationships.

YESforLOV is an explorer of new ways to love each other. It likes to play at making love and to meet new challenges. It invents and imagines worlds of unprecedented pleasures.

YESforLOV loves to tackle novel sensations head on. It adores thrilling, palpitating, giving in. But in utter refinement. Intertwining wildness and know-how, elegance and dizziness on its very fingertips.

YESforLOV prefers the knowingness of subtle and libertine approaches, on tiptoe. The bewitching magic of lawless sensuality. Its time is not limited. Its scenario is never written in advance. It heightens all that is most intimate, stunning and irreplaceable in humans. Each partner is unique, in their heart and on their skin.

All it wants is pleasure. For itself, for its lover and for the world. It does what it wants. But within lips’ reach and eye to eye. Its fragrance reflects it. Titillating, irresistible, dazzling… and yet so fragile. So sublimely human.

Its name is the promise granted by its very nature: Réjouissance.

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