‘Pherluv’ Pheromones for Men 30ml


‘Pherluv Men’ Pheromone Cologne (30ml). Company ‘Pherluv’. Made in USA. (3 versions Original, Pure, Oil)

  • Type – For Men to attract Women
  • Fragrance – Scented
  • Base – Alcohol/Oil based/
  • Application type – Spray/Euro drpper



Pherluv Cologne for Men is the best pheromone cologne used for attracting women, hands down. Every bottle is fortified with at least 23 mg of pheromones, making it incredibly powerful, and easily one of the most potent on the market today.

PherLuv Pheromone Spray With one spray of PherLuv, a potent blend of pheromones may help boost wearers’ sex appeal and make them irresistible to men or women.

  • Contains 23 mg of pheromones
  • Potent proprietary blend
  • Designed to attract men or women
  • Can be worn with or without normal fragrances
  • Discrete packaging
  • Made in the USA
  • Bottle volume: 1 oz.
  • Active formula 52X (23mg pheromones):

Androstadienone, Androstenone, Androsterone, Androstanone, Alpha-Androstenol, Beta-Androstenol, Epiandrosterone, Pregnenolone

Pherluv Men Pure is the best pheromone cologne used for attracting women, hands down.  Every bottle is fortified with at least 23 mg of pheromones, making it incredibly powerful, and easily one of the most potent on the market today.

As a pheromone cologne, it is advised that users take precaution and wear only if and when they want an increase in attention from the female sex. As the best pheromone cologne on the market, it comes at a higher price point than Pherluv Men’s smaller bottle, but packs added value in terms of both volume and a features the same potency. This essentially means that you can wear more of it and increase it’s benefit.

It is also important to remember to use this product responsibly. You may find it quite difficult to shield yourself from unwanted attention from the female sex while wearing this and other pheromone colognes. Out advice is to treat it more like a magnet than like a homing device. What that means is that you will want to stay closer to the woman you mean to attract, and even hug and embrace her where it’s appropriate.

You may have seen this product in various guides to the best pheromone cologne for men and women, pick up guides, and magazines for men. This is in fact the same cologne used by multiple pickup artists, dating coaches, and date gurus around the world. We recommend wearing this product without mixing it with others for maximum effect.

You will also want to wear directly onto the skin, in areas where you are likely to produce body heat. This includes the inner elbows, wrists, chest, neck, etc. If you are feeling especially bold, try Pherluv Men Pure on the underarm. As far as attracting women with scent alone, it’s considered the best pheromone cologne yes, but when mixed with your own body heat and natural scent, the results can be incredible. Just make sure that you’re underarm remains a cool dry dry prior to application, and that you don’t plan on too much physical exertion.

Light on the dancing, stay close to your match, and say yes to physical embraces. She will certainly want that and more.

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