‘Maui Kiss’ pheromone perfume for women 30ml


‘Maui Kiss’ Pheromone perfume for Women (30ml). Company ‘Liquid Alchemy Labs’. Made in USA

  • Type – For Women to attract Men
  • Fragrance – Scented
  • Base – Alcohol/Oil based
  • Application type – Spray


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The fragrance of Maui Kiss conjures images of sun drenched beaches, turquoise water, and swaying palms. A sexy and exotic fragrance composed of a delightfully feminine blend of florals, passion fruit, magnolia, white peaches, and hibiscus, accented with musk and blond wood and then the most seductive pheromone blend is introduced for the ultimate tropical island perfume.

Soft brown skin, the sound of waves on sand, the scent of flowers on the breeze, where do you want to be? Try it, you will like it.

MAUI KISS™ Weave the magic of the islands around his heart and soul.

MAUI KISS™ is a delightful pheromone perfume, it is the very first of the liquid alchemy labs Tropical Pheromones line. MAUI KISS™ is wonderfully tropical, delightfully feminine, and wickedly seductive.

MAUI KISS™ was created for attraction by people who actually use their own products. Yes, we use what we sell. We can have any concentration or combination of pheromones and perfumes that we desire. We create our products for our family, our friends and ourselves, and then we provide that exact same creation to you. We may not be the biggest pheromone perfume company in the world, but Liquid Alchemy Labs will always make the best products.

You may be asking yourself, “What about the wickedly seductive part?”

  1. The main pheromones in MAUI KISS™ hamper a man’s capability to judge your attractiveness only by your looks. Tests have shown men will rate women over 10% more attractive after having breathed these pheromones
  2. One pheromone increases your attractiveness in the eyes of both men and women. Good for social situations.

  3. Another pheromone gives others the impression that you are younger, healthier, and more fit. I don’t think we can have enough of these

  4. You will appear to be a female of higher quality

  5. The testosterone levels of men will climb over 100% in only minutes when you are around. All the better to have your way with the poor things.

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