Homme Fatal Pheromone Perfume for Men 30ml (Aroma Fero Labs)

Create Video application, unpack the product.


Using Instructions

  1. We recommend to take a shower, before application (Your skin must be clean).
  2. 1-3 Sprays on clean skin. We recommend 2 sprays. You will find most optimal method after several days of usage. (Our skin bacteria are very unique, we do also live in different climate zones. This formula is highly concentrated, so more is not always better.
  3. Apply 1-2 sprays on Your neck (Put your finger, find the pulsation place and try to spray there.
  4. NEVER RUB that place after application! Let it dry bu itself for several minutes. (rubbing it you will ruin scent, pheromone molecules, that will make your desired effect weaker)



Keep our of direct sunlight.

Count about a year since purchase. You always get “fresh product” ………

How it was made

asked 100 women, scnet. Inspiration……….


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