‘Estratetraenol’ Pure Pheromone Concentrate 10ml


‘EST-NOL’ High concentration, pure pheromone – Estratetraenol (10ml). Company ‘Aroma Fero Labs’. Made in Europe.

  • Type – Unisex/Additive
  • Concentration – 10/20/30/40mg of Pheromones in 10ml of liquid
  • Fragrance – Unscented
  • Base – Oil (MCT)/Perfumers alcohol
  • Application type – Bulb dropper

Europe made pheromones


Estratetraenol (estra-1,3,5(10),16-tetraen-3-ol) Professional high quality single pheromone molecule directly from Lab.

Important Note! How to read a label?

Some pheromone Molecules are restricted in many countries. So we do not write the full pheromone name (for example EST-NOL, means Estratetraenol). Than “Perfume oil extract” what is the best description for customs.

On the label You will find the number, which indicates chemical Pheromone molecule CAS number (for example 1150909)

Product description:

  • CAS Number – 1150-90-9
  • Minimum Purity – 98%
  • Bottle volume – 10ml
  • Bottle Type – Bulb Dropper
  • Drops per bottle – 290
  • Solution – Perfume grade Di-propylene Glycol (DPG), Perfumers alcohol, Isopropyl Mirystate, Pure Estratetraenol

Possible Concentrations:

  • 1mg/1ml Oil version (10.000mcg in 10ml)
  • 1mg/1ml Alcohol version (10.000mcg in 10ml)
  • 2mg/1ml Oil version (20.000mcg in 10ml) production time 3-4 days
  • 2mg/1ml Alcohol version (20.000mcg in 10ml) production time 3-4 days
  • 3mg/1ml Alcohol version (30.000mcg in 10ml) production time 3-4 days

About Estratetraenol

Estratetraenolis a chemical produced by females that has shown pheromone like behavior in primates and humans. It is an offshoot of the sex hormone estrodial, an estrogen, that has no known estrogenic effects.

Women respond psychologically to Estratetraenol. The data on men support the same conclusion: that Estratetraenol affected a variety of psychological states noticeable in a natural location as well as in the laboratory and that Estratetraenols effects were not sex-exclusive. The vomeronasal epithelium of men responded to Estratetraenol. Estratetraenol instantly amplified amphetamine and morphine-like states while reducing fatigue. (Berliner, 1994; Monti-Bloch and Grosser, 1991)

Social reconnaissance suggests that Estratetraenol works as a socially uplifting pheromone that can energize

( Users of estratetraenol in the field have reported the following effects:

  • Relaxation and comfort; a “cuddly” feeling
  • Decreased social anxiety and inhibition
  • Men have reported mood elevation at all dose levels. Women have reported improved mood at the >50mcg level.
  • An increase in helpful and protective behaviors from others, especially from men
  • Improved communication and interaction; increased rapport and empathy
  • An “adoption effect” — a tendency for people to want to physically bring the wearer with them
  • Some men have reported that in small amounts, EST can counteract the depression they experience from A1 use and even improve responses to A1. In larger amounts, EST has been reported to counteract the social effects of A1.
  • When worn by men at doses >100mcg, increased sexual attraction from women has been reported. Others have reported agitation in women at doses >75mcg.
  • Some users have reported increased dominant behaviors by men

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