Dunamis Duo Pheromone oil for men 30ml “Pheromone Treasures”

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Desi Oil 30ml, High Concentration Pheromone

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Note that we do not add any wooden treasure box with the product. We order only pheromones from PT to reduce shipping rates.

Dunamis Duo has 2 10ml dropper bottles.  One bottle is alcohol based and the other is oil based.  Both are designed to work together in equal quantities to give you the perfect “all in 1” product for exactly the right pheromone diffusion throughout the entire night which no other single product can do on the market.

With Dunamis Duo you will get 2 bottles of pheromones.  Dunamis Duo A and Dunamis Duo B.  “But why do I get 2 products? Whats the point?” Good Question, here’s why.  The reason you get 2 bottles with Dunamis Duo instead of 1 is because 1 bottle is an oil based pheromone product while the other is an alcohol based product.  This product has been designed to work with you and diffuse the correct amount of certain pheromones at certain points of the night.  As many experienced pheromone users will know that the best results come from combing an alcohol based product that will quickly deliver an ice breaker and masculine type aura around you at the start of the night, and an oil based product that will give you a steady undertone vibe of sexual attraction which will last the entire night.  At key points of the night, Dunamis Duo will deliver exactly what you need.  Lets break it down on just how exactly Dunamis Duo will work with you for the entire night.

The chart below shows a basic representation of how alcohol and oil diffuse throughout the night.

As you can see, Alcohol diffuses strong and fast as it heats up on your skin which is why it is good to pack it with social pheromones to start your night and break the ice while first meeting that lucky lady.  The oil base will peak a little bit later in the night as it takes longer to warm up on your skin and won’t diffuse as strong as the alcohol base (which is used to your advantage) and then keeps a very steady and slow decline in diffusion.  The oil base is packed with pheromones that lean towards alpha and sex.  These types of vibes will start to show after you’ve broken through her defenses with the trustful socials in the alcohol base and she starts to trust you.  This is when you can play your game, she trusts you, feels comfortable around you, and you’ve always had that slight “alpha” to you but now its starting to hit and she’s into it!

After flirting and getting playful at the club or bar or wherever you are at, you take her home around the 4th hour.  When you start to make out and she offers last minute resistance to you, you’re oil base is still running strong, giving you that edge to get in her pants.  Around the 5th hour, you’ve got her, you are fucking her brains out and shes enjoying every minute of it as you present yourself as dominant and alpha with the oil base STILL running strong.  Around the 6th hour after you’ve done the nasty, shes laying in bed with you and falls asleep to the sexy alpha man she wanted to get with that night.

This is how I designed Dunamis Duo and is the absolute number 1 product I am most proud of making.  This product revolutionized the pheromone industry from the vast amount of  “all in one” products which can’t quite get you there 100% of the way, to the single product designed with 2 bottles that work together to act at certain points in the night in completely different ways to truly give you the “All in one” product


For Dunamis Duo, it is highly recommended that you use equal parts of bottle A and bottle B at the same time. You should put both A and B next to each other in the same location on your skin, but do not mix or overlap them. If you mix them, the oil base might start diffusing at the rate of the alcohol base and you might not get the most out of Dunamis Duo. The recommended dosages below are for equal parts of both A and B being used, (i.e. If recommended dosage is 2 drops, use 2 drops of A and 2 drops of B, not 1 of each).

General Recommended Dosage 2-3 Drops

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