Auraental™ Pheromone OIL for men 30ml “Pheromone Treasures”

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“Auraental” 30ml, High Concentration Pheromone

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Auraental is an oil based pheromone cologne that comes in a 30ml dropper bottle.  There are a guaranteed 27mg of pheromones per 30ml bottle.  The formula contains a proprietary blend of 6 unique pheromones, 2 of which are Alpha Androsterone and Beta Androstenol, specifically designed to attract Asian women.

Auraental is a pheromone product designed to give you an attractive “Aura” around Oriental Asian women, thus the name “Auraental”.

So what is it about Asian women that drives so many men crazy? How can a beautiful Asian girl walk past a group of men and seemingly cause them to break their own necks?

Is it the eyes? The cheeks? The hair? Or the color of their skin? It DOESN’T MATTER what you like about Asian women, all that matters is that Auraental is your key to that Treasure.

I have spent the last 5 years developing this formula and traveling to 4 different Asian countries to test Auraental in order to perfect it. Auraental is a masterpiece of chemistry aimed for the sole purpose of attracting and seducing those breathtakingly beautiful Oriental Asian women and it is proven to work, I guarantee it.

Whether or not you speak their native language, the application of Auraental will allow for easier social interaction, as you will emit an AURA of trustworthiness, leadership, and sexuality.

With Auraental, you will feel more comfortable approaching that beautiful Asian girl, and your body language will follow and allow her to see that you are the man she has been waiting for.

Auraental, like any Pheromone product in our arsenal, can come however you want it; Unscented, or scented in a large variety of fragrances. The choice is yours.

Order today and unlock the Oriental Treasures within Auraental

General Recommended Dosage – 1-3 drops

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