‘Aura Of Amity’ Pheromone spray for men 30ml

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‘Aura of Amity’ Unisex Pheromone spray (30ml). Company ‘Pheromone Treasures’. Made in USA.

  • Type – Unisex
  • Fragrance – Unscented
  • Base – Oil/Alcohol
  • Application type – Spray


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Note that we do not add any wooden treasure box with the product. We order only pheromones from PT to reduce shipping rates.

Aura of Amity UNSCENTED is an alcohol based pheromone spray that comes in a 30ml sprayer bottle.  There are a guaranteed 15mg of pheromones per 30ml bottle, one of which is Alpha Androstenol.  The Formula contains a proprietary blend of pheromones designed to break the ice and eliminate anxiety in social situations and make people feel more friendly around you

Aura of Amity is the sidekick you cannot go without in a social setting. The Pheromones in this formula are made to make you and everyone in the room feel like they just did a shot.  Everyone, including yourself, will loosen up and be able to talk more.  The anxiety in the room will be shattered and you’ll feel like you’re with a group of close friends when everyone is a stranger.  It’s like getting drunk, but without the alcohol!

This formula is a perfect selection if you’re going to find yourself in a situation that has you in the spotlight or puts you in the position of meeting new people. You’ve got everything under control but making your job easier is a complete no-brainer. Aura of Amity strives to give you just that without any special psychological tricks, just pure clean fun. Ease up on the gas pedal, make everyone feel great, and enjoy yourself. Oh, and expect more invitations. You’ll be getting more of them from now on.

General Recommended Dosage – 2-4 Sprays

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