‘Allover’ Lubricating Massage Gel 100ml

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‘Allover Massage and Intimate Gel’ for Men and Women (100ml). Company ‘YESforLOV’. Made in France.

Pheromones made in france

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Two naked bodies, the delicious pretext of a massage, the lubricating gel a crazy incentive. (…From foreplay straight to intertwined bodies.)

The magical secret of this scented massage gel is that it is also an intimate lubricant. And for even greater thrills, we’ve added our enchanting fragrance of white tea, Bali flowers and thanaka wood.

Compatible with condoms (NF S97-034 standard).

100ml / 3,4fl.oz
Made in France


Allover lubricating massage gel has been tested by gynaecologists. Hypoallergenic *.

Suitable for all types of mucus membranes, even the most delicate areas.

Cosmetovigilance: No undesirable effects have been reported to date.

* Formulated to minimise allergic reactions.


A 2-in-1 gel for the body and intimate caresses
The YESforLOV Allover lubricating massage gel can be applied over the entire body, including your intimate areas. For massage, its silky feel leaves the skin soft and divinely smooth. Then, when = foreplay takes to you to the edge, the YESforLOV Allover lubricating massage gel becomes your intimate companion, highly lubricating, hypoallergenic and suitable for use with a condom.

An aphrodisiac fragrance
One of the secrets of this fragrance lies in the warm scent of the frangipani flower. The sweet, floral notes will please most people, of all sexes and ages.

Superior presentation
White and gold packaging enveloping a pump bottle for a precise dose creating a single modern, upscale identity equally at home in your bathroom or on your night stand.

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