Pheromones are natural chemical compounds that the body produces in order to transmit certain information about us to others. Pheromones are smelled unwittingly by the Jacobson’s organ, it is located in the nose, a man without knowing, that he smells something, at the same time gets a lot of information about the source of the smell. Same as in Advertisement, the subconscious captures some information and a person does not really know that.

Keep in mind, that pheromones can have a specific smell, You can’t escape from it. That just shows the high quality of the product. Some people like this smell, others find it dreadful or get used to it. You should not be worried, because other people wouldn’t really smell any negative smells. 98 percent of the opposite genders do not notice any negative smells, even when they directly smell some kind of pheromone. If you want to feel brave, you also can always use your favourite perfume together.


Pheromone test

After applying pheromones, Women or Men become much more interesting and attractive to the opposite gender. Women who use pheromones, begins to signal their fertility and their desire to have descendants to the environment. These signals are very exciting for the male patterns. As You know, Woman looks more attractive and beautiful to men during their fertility period.

Pheromones give for men and women an impression of dominant and confident persona as well, that is extremely sexy for both genders.

Pheromones can help to attract the opposite gender, it helps in relationships, builds trust, facilitates communication, adds confidence, helps in business meetings, enhances charisma, creates status of Alpha, Beta Man or Women.

1−3 sprays of pheromones is enough. We recommend spraying it on “pulsating” areas: on the wrist and neck, under the ear, on the chest or bend of the arm. Eventually you will find the best option. After all, each body is unique, and mixing pheromones with your skin can make a unique signature of Your smell.

The strongest effect is between persons, who are standing in 3−4 meters. Pheromones make influence to human senses within 7 seconds. Full effect occurs within 30−60 seconds. Pheromones can last for 6−12 hours. It lasts for a few hours on skin and it can hold even for a few days on clothes, but we suggest using it on skin. Some manufacturers recommend to spray pheromone on Your hair, as you know, hair has unique ability to retain odour. It is recommended not to double the amount of pheromones, i.e., day before using it again, You need to wash the residue of the old pheromone. Keep in a cold place. Before use, if it is warm, cool it down and shake to mix it.

Neither manufacturer, nor we are saying that it will always work just as it is written. It depends on many factors, such as disposition or mood of the person… The other person’s attention, preconception about you, mood and so on..

A really good example is the animal world, where dominance of pheromones is very distinctly visible in animal behaviour. However, it wouldn’t be fair to compare animal with humans. However, we Homo Sapiens Sapiens are one step higher on the road of evolution… and natural body signals is not enough in order to achieve what we really want.

A smile, a clean body, a favourite perfume fragrance, self−confidence, correct approach and good manners are the essential things. Well, this perfect combination ends with the last, but not least note of pheromones…

Do not tell others, that You use pheromones, let it be your little secret.

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