The psychology of alpha, beta, gamma, delta:

All pheromone chemicals are assigned a nomenclature based upon their alpha, beta, gamma, and delta attributes. These attributes define the psychological profile of any given pheromone chemical. This information is useful when selecting the appropriate components of a pheromone formula, and allows for one to model whether the formula will be primarily alpha or beta driven, and for what purpose the formula may be applied.

We have orchestrated a variety of psychological tests within the domain of real-world activity. We have used pattern-recognition to assign a logical trend in the observed data and have mathematically modeled a logic that correlates to the observed psychological trends. From this we have derived our Core Logic technology: This fundamental technology allows for us to model the components of a pheromone formula, and allows for us to expeditiously engineer A pheromone formula to behave in a certain way, or to serve a specific purpose.
Alpha ≈ Alpha Male Aura

 alfa male
he Alpha Male Aura (or AMA) is a very important pheromone signature specifically, it is the primary driving force behind a sexually-driven formula, and works best for non-passive women; it creates an aura of male dominance and masculinity.
However, a strongly alpha formula will intimidate and or turn-off the more passive Beta women, sensing his potential for multiple partners on a primal level. Since however the majority of women are non-passive, the alpha male aura is an especially important aspect of the formula.
The strongly alpha formula will affect men in certain ways: other men will become more passive and less affirmative to the wearer. A minor portion of men will become more aggressive however, if they feel challenged by the alpha aura.
Androstanone is an especially important buffer for this phenomenon signature, as it strongly reduces the likelihood of aggression by averting the sensation of threat.
It is important to note that the strong alpha formula is not necessarily for all male wearers, since it essentially says that the wearer is superior to most everyone else. If the wearer is the more passive Beta male, then it may result in challenge by other men (to reestablish their dominance), and may result in women displaying confusion of the wearers presentation.
A strong alpha formula should be balanced with a moderate-strength beta-formula, so as to broaden the scope of applicability to all male wearers, and to obtain the best overall results with women.
A potent alpha formula, which is not balanced with beta characteristics, will cause intrinsically non-alpha wearers to feel anxious or uncomfortable as they will be essentially intimidating themselves with their pheromone signature. This is especially so if the formula also lacks androstanone.
Beta ≈ Beta Male Aura

 beta male
The beta male aura is an equally important pheromone signature specifically it will drive a more relaxed, confident and calm encounters. The beta aura is also virtually universal and all-inclusive, except with women who are extremely socially aggressive.
The Beta aura has a less powerful initial effect versus an Alpha aura, yet it will drive both a strong social reaction (acceptance, respect by peers and women), as well as open doors to sexual encounters it is more difficult to obtain an impulsive sexual encounter with a beta aura, but does foster long-term connection.
The Beta aura is better suited for male wearers that are not necessarily physically superior to most other men (as an Alpha aura implies). It is for the wearers who are predominantly personality driven. However, a strongly-beta formula should be balanced with at least some alpha characteristics.
Lastly, it is noteworthy to mention that a Beta aura will also directly increase the self-esteem and confidence of the wearer.
Gamma ≈ Feminine Aura
The Feminine aura is useful and relevant when in the absence of, or especially with a negative Alpha aura since the Alpha aura strongly negates and reduces the magnitude of impact of the Feminine aura. When there is a lack of, or negative value of the Alpha aura, the Feminine aura plays an important role in several different situations: The most common application is for women to attract men since it strongly boosts womens natural pheromone signature with synthetic substances which act far more powerfully on men than do a womans natural pheromones.
Delta ≈ Magnitude of change
This extremely valuable variable is input into a variety of other math equations, when used internally for designing a pheromone formula for a given purpose. This value is used for determining concentrations of each component that are necessary to change, when modifying the target application from one to another. The exact output value is usually inversely proportional to numeric input values.

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