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Hax, Pheromone Mafia for over 15 Years, HAX have empowered men with tools to achieve greater social and sexual success with women.


Our company was founded by a team of chemists frustrated by years of purchasing cheap, ineffective and inferior pheromone formulas.  They saw a need for truly advanced pheromone formulations in the marketplace and knew that well made pheromones — the cornerstone to every man’s ability to attract true love — could not only function as a lifeline to men in the dating world, but at home it could be a powerful product aiding in the re-connection with one’s spouse or girlfriend.


Their pheromone formulations are a tool for sexual survival and dating productivity and at its heart it’s a product that bestows many admirable virtues upon the wearer. While we, as humans, produce pheromones naturally and bond with women more through scent than anything else; we need to supplement these chemicals for maximum effect.

HAX pheromones are tools for men to physically connect in a world of disconnect. The tradition of dating is a long and storied one, upon which we are proud to have cast a bold and fresh coat of paint. HOLY GRAIL has been featured prominently in stores, magazines and newspapers the world over. HAX followed the success of HOLY GRAIL with the launch of the BLACK LABEL LINE: proprietary and optimized pheromone blends, made for the discriminating consumer, priced and manufactured to be the best.

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