Xist XS Phermone Spray for Men 5ml (Pheromone XS)

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Xist 5ml Pheromone Tester (Pheromone XS)

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We’ve all been friend-zoned and regardless of how many times it happens, it still stings just like the first time. Some of us have even been broken up with because she found someone else, usually some jerk. Worse than all this is the cheater who not just breaks our hearts, but also challenges our very manhood. All terrible situations to find ourselves in and until now, nothing to change the course.

You’ve probably heard it a million times, there are no reset buttons when it comes to women friend zoning you. Or is there? XiSt the revolutionary pheromone spray that creates a shiny new impression forcing her to take notice. It is the spark that ignites her sexual desire and only you can quench her thirst to have you. She’ll want you as her lover, her boyfriend, her husband instead of just her friend. You’re “it” to here.

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