Wingman X22 Pheromone Oil concentrate for men (HAX Pharmaceuticals) 10ml

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X22 Oil concentrate 10ml, High Concentration Pheromone

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Gain the “It” vibe in under 30 seconds a day with X22. The effects of X22 are proven and easily one of the most rewarding products HAX ever created. In fact, many experienced pheromone connoisseurs view X22 as the most fundamental component  of all their pheromone-fueled exchanges.

With the formula of 7 human pheromones that took over 8 years to develop and optimize, X22 communicates and enhances all the attributes of a classically ideal and powerful Alpha Male.

X22 is a complex formula that generates numerous social effects. Many of these effects may be considered understated by themselves, but when added up, the overall effect is massive. We’ve been told by our customers that X22 is impossible to love without.

Think of X22 as an instant opener with women, some of whom may have been previously out of your league.

  • X22 is an excellent social that goes way beyond meaningless chatter. It gives you a magnetic, approachable, high status swagger.
  • X22 has INSANE self effects, and creates a “phero-rush” on application
  • X22 has the effect of being able to almost “force” you to be social, even if you don’t feel like it.
  • X22 will allow you to feel more “present”, be more exciting, and have livelier conversations.
  • Have wittier, more charming conversations that create a strong impressions (or slight “imprint”) on people
  • Powerful magnetism that makes people want to be around you.
  • With most social pheromone formulas, the “fun” part is a given, but none do it quite like x22.
  • Makes it very easy to flirt, converse, and engage with women because of it’s “stickiness”.
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  1. Great product, very good self effects.

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