TRUE Love Pheromone spray for Women 30ml (True Pheromones Inc)

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True Love 30ml, High Concentration Pheromone

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True Love – Original Version

Get closer to him than ever before with TRUELove, a specialty formulation of 5 of the most potent pheromones designed to ease his fears, open communication, and create a comforting bond that keeps him coming back for more.

This isn’t a combination designed for a simple one night stand or the “bad boy” you only want to see once—TRUELove is designed to facilitate long-term love, true attraction, and the natural instincts men have to seek the warm embrace of women.

An Essential Pheromone Combination Never Seen Before!

No other pheromone formulation combines five of the most powerful communication, comfort, and trust enhancing pheromones with 100% Copulin pheromones that creates exponential increases in attraction.

Each of these pheromones are naturally produced by vibrant young women—TRUELove takes the power of these pheromones to the next level, with a formulation that is found nowhere else in nature.

You’ll Know It Works When He Can’t Take His Eyes Off Of You. And If TRUELove Doesn’t Work? You’ll Get Your Money Back.

You’ll immediately recognise a clear response—and it won’t be purely sexual. The TRUELove combination creates a deep desire within men that triggers their (sometimes hidden) instinct to settle down, protect you, and turn toward a long term relationship—all while creating an emotionally stimulating aura that he can’t get enough of.

Product Description

Contains – 30 ml per bottle
Type – pheromone spray
Scent type – scented (Vanilla)
Duration of Effect: 4-6 hours

Pheromone Content

mg per bottle –  10,250 mcg (51,3 mcg/spray)
Effective Dose – 37.5-200 mcg
Unique Pheromones – 5

Pheromone Composition

100% Copulins, Estratetraenol, Androstenol, Methoxyestratetraenone, Androstadienone




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