Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Pheromone Perfume 30ml

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PH Pheromone perfume 30ml, High Concentration Pheromone

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Scented pheromones for women. Perfumes with pheromones.

Exclusive, discreet, super-strong women’s perfume with the pheromones in the form of 100% fragrance, the better-known and fashionable fragrance for any occasion. Pheromones and the scent is a seductive blend, which help you succeed not only in the sphere of social life and intimate, but also gain confidence which will boost your activity in every area.

This perfume is simmilar to Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl. Juicy, striking a light fruity flavor, wrap the body of an intriguing aura of carefree bravado. Perfume for women living in the moment…

PH Pheromone Perfume is a new trend in the world of perfume. Perfume with pheromones by which your daily life will be easier because pheromones cause that relationship become easier and more fun. Thanks to our increasingly attractive pheromones, everyday situations such as contact with other people or potential partners is incomparably better arranged.

PH Pheromone Perfume is a scent that works on the opposite sex. Assists in the excitement and fosters the creation of erotic mood. From now you’ll not be able to escape from the passionate glances of the opposite sex – full of desire. Even if you’re shy, you will have success in any situation! With pheromones, we can influence on the first impression.
Producers chose the perfect balance between pure pheromones, and an exclusive perfume to get optimal performance.

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