SOB XS Phermone Spray for Men 10ml (Pheromone XS)

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“SOB XS” 10ml, High Concentration Pheromone

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This multidimensional blend combines the sexuality of AndrostENONE with Beta AndrosteNOL in perfect combination to deliver all the sexually charged energy of a guy who gets women, won’t put up with any crap, but is the kind of man she can also depend on. You’re going to go out with friends, going to make her angry, sad, happy, thrilled. You will take her through her entire range of emotions in just a single night. She might act like she hates you and at that particular minute she probably does, but that’s what she needs to also love you.


Read that a few times out loud. Did it just click on in your head like a lightbulb? Allow me to explain. If women are emotional and that SOB is taking her through a wide range of emotions you can virtually be taking her on an emotionally charged roller coaster ride. Imagine the thrill she must be experiencing in your presence. Now she has a choice between the guy who tried to manipulate her with kindness or you, who took her on a thrill ride. Who do you think she is going to choose? If you haven’t been able to figure it out your previous experience holds the answer.

Product Description

Contains – 10 ml per bottle
Pheromone concentration –
Type – pheromone spray
Scent type – unscented

Pheromone Composition

AndrostENONE, Beta-AndrosteNOL, ALLO-THDOC (Allo-THDOC), Copulins, Alcohol Denat (SD40B) Dipropylene Glycol.

Results last 6-8 hours at 2-3 sprays applied to clean dry skin.

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