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Pañpuri “Slce of Cake” (300g.) ~90 hour burning time.

Slice of Cake deluxe aromatic candle is inspired Marie Antoinette.

Royal pickings of blackcurrants, blended to monarchal perfection with alluring essences of roses, peonies and lilacs, this mêlée of scents pays homage to Marie Antoinette. Remembrances of white paints, pomades and afternoon teas in the lush odeums of Versailles.

About Pañpuri Botany Ambiance Candle
Pañpuri Signature Botany Ambiance Candles are richly infused with 100% pure plant essential oils and the finest blend of high‐quality botanical waxes of soy and palm, creating sublime, unique natural scents without any synthetic fragrances. The creamy, soft wax is individually hand‐poured into our exclusive, vintage glass tumbler to offer an exquisitely clean, long lasting burning with alluring natural scents. Presented in a luxurious gift box, each gift box is printed on chlorine‐free paper, and meticulously hand‐wrapped to ensure pure luxury and perfection without harming the environment. Our passion in creating the purest, natural Candles without sacrificing a sense of luxury and comfort ensures that each Pañpuri Botany Ambiance Candle you possess has been thoughtfully crafted to soothe the mind and to inspire dreams.


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