Pherluxe Black for Men 20ml

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Pherluxe Black 15ml, Medium Concentration Pheromone

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Scented pheromones for men. Perfumes with pheromones.


You are aware of your body, you know what you want and you want to be attractive to women? You adore female company, you like to impress and to dominate, but also to be seen as sensitive and full of passion? Pherluxe Black is exactly for you – created especially for warming up the atmosphere during evening meetings, parties and dates. It will make you emanate power which will be irresistible for any woman, and your hunter instinct will let you choose the one with whom you will spend the rest of the evening – thanks to Pherluxe Black you don’t need to worry of being rejected.
A special designer’s project of the modern tube in deep black colour hides inside an explosive mix of carefully chosen strongly effective pheromones and masculine perfume composed to seduce and attract more than just looks. The refill guarantees saving time and money.


…a type of tender tough guy who knows exactly what women want. He can be romantic and caring, but he also loves adrenaline and crazy emotions. He arouses female senses with his masculine charm, he will not let go until his ego gets pampered. Purposefully he chooses the products which enhance his personality and he always gets what he wants. Our unique collection of pheromones with perfume has been designed for a man just like you: Pherluxe BLACK and Pherluxe Silver let you emphasize your strength, masculinity and physical attractiveness in every situation…

PHERLUXE Premium pheromone perfume formula

Welcome to the world of the exclusive Pherluxe products, which innovative formula guarantees your success in personal and business contacts. Pheromones have been enriched with unique fragrance compositions, to intensively enhance your personality and bring to light whatever is hidden inside you.

The first use will already make you notice the difference in behaviour of the people surrounding you. It doesn’t matter if you go for a date, or if you meet at work some people whose opinion is important to you, or if you undertake business negotiations – now we give you a choice to have a discreet influence on the people you meet in everyday or intimate situations. Does it sound like magic? In fact pheromones are a natural magic of chemistry utilized by a team of professionals, in order to create a product of the highest quality…

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