PherLuv Pheromones for Women 30ml

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PherLUV 52x Spray 30ml, High Concentration Pheromone

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Ever wonder how some people seem to have  all the luck? Have you ever  wondered  how some couples hit it off right  away? You can call it  great chemistry, but we know how to really attract  the opposite sex!

Our formula is designed for maximum  strength and effectiveness

  • Just 1 spray of PherLuv is  all it takes to drive men crazy.
  • Each bottle contains a  total of 23 mg of  pheromones, making it one of the most powerful  pheromones products on the market!
  • Also contains Estratetraenol Pheromone needed  to help attract men.
  • Provocative fragrance extensively tested  getting you instantaneous attraction
  • Proprietary blend of concentrated pheromone for  maximum potency!
  • Guaranteed purity
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