OxyLuv O.x.y.t.o.c.i.n Nasal Spray 30 ml (Pherluv)

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OxyLuv O.x.y.t.o.c.i.n. 30ml, Nasal spray

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  • OxyLuv simulates the effects of the bodies naturally occurring hormone O.x.y.t.o.c.i.n.
  • O.x.y.t.o.c.i.n. is scientifically proven by the medical field to reduce social fears, anxiety, stress, and create feelings of trust between others.
  • Each spray contains 10 IU of O.x.y.t.o.c.i.n.
  • O.x.y.t.o.c.i.n. purity is guaranteed. – Keep refrigerated when not in use.
  • Shipped Discreetly. Your privacy is protected
  • Guaranteed purity – Made from the finest most pure ingredients.

  • Decreased Anxiety
  • Improved Sleep
  • Better Sex Life
  • More Energy and Focus
  • Reduced Stress


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